Weelend Warrior...the book!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ord_Sgt, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Just come across a book by Kevin Mervin, a TA REME reccy mech who served during Telic. It tells his story of his adventures during the war. I'm about half way through so still a bit to go.

    Opening paragraph:

    Now it goes on to give quite a good account of everyday life for a squaddie on ops but I can't help getting the impression this guy is a walt. Not saying he wasn't there and did all this stuff but its just the way he writes he gives an impression of walting it a bit. Maybe its just me, and happy to be proved wrong, so does anyone know this guy and is he a good egg or what?
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. pump, cack, w*nk, need I go on?
  4. I read it from the library about a year ago, I'd do so again I f only to re-read the part where he told an ASM to Fcku Off. Sets the standard for the rest, complete wannabe bullshit.
  5. I read it when I was thinking of joining the TA. I must go back and read it now that I actually know a little bit about what the TA is like. I had never even heard of a walt at that stage, but I do remember some pretty over the top stories.
  6. Is it that bad or is it anti-stab? I can't find it in my local shops and don't really want to buy it from Amazon without a quick looksie.
  7. Saw it in Waterstones quite recently - read a few chapters and thought it was shite - just one mans account of being mobilised during Telic 1 - nothing special, no heroics - just nothing!
  8. Cutsy - its obviousely not a SF tell all (and make up loads as well) book - but is it a good account of a squaddies tour?
  9. Write to him and find out... you'll actually find he's a decent lad. his book was a good read, even if it was a bit exagerated, i enjoyed the book and id read it again tomorrow. then again, i suppose people relate to it in different ways, i for one can relate to some of the things he wrote. at the end of it all its a book, written to sell. and thats what it did. well done kev....
  10. I thought it was a cracking read. Yeah there were parts where I thought he might be lauding it up ie when he crossed the berm into Iraq and had a face off with RPG laden Iraqis. Overall I enjoyed it.
  11. have just started reading it myself.
    so far so good. quite enjoyable.
    recognise a lot of TA life in there for sure. :)
  12. Are you serious, is that really in the book? I thought the guy was a REME stab? How the f*ck did he end up in a situation like that!? Unless he didn't... I saw this book a few months ago, but to be honest it didn't look great, I put it back on the shelf after the bit where he claims that the REME are 'Elite'. Nuff said.
  13. He got lost and accidentally crossed the border. Weapons were pointed, hard stares were given, they talked about which of the two REME soldiers should shoot first if it came to it (based on their grouping on a range), they scared off the nasty bad guys, and crossed back over the border.
  14. What he said lol
  15. I would of thought doing a job that involves a lot of driving in iraq would be just as dangerous as being a wary type blokey?