Weekly wage from 50k p.a.?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sombrerofrog12, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys hope somebody can help, what would be weekly wage[take home] on a 50k salary?Got a chance of moving up in company but would have to go "staff and salary" instead of hourly paid, i do a lot of hours and made 56k last year ,just a rough guess at weekly wage would be helpful ta
  2. Err... about £950 less tax?
  3. You get paid 50k+ and you cannot work that out :?
    My big "W" meter is going mad here :roll:

    (or I'm in the wrong job 8O )
  4. I get paid 50k +, hourly paid also.

    There is a big difference between an Independent Contractor, and an employee on a salary. Most of all Tax. This has to be taken in to account.

    I would stick to hourly rate, in my circumstances, as I only pay circa 10% tax instead of 40% +
  5. Ok guys cheers for answers
  6. You get paid £50k plus to post on ARRSE? You're an MP aren't you?
  7. Could I have the name and contact details of your accountant who is obviously doing a fair better job than mine?


  8. If you are only paying 10% tax you are either earning fcuk all or are a company director taking dividends rather than a salary.
  9. or self-employed making full deductions for costs and pension payments with a bit of creativity from his (tax deducted) accountant.
  10. I thought you had to pay 40% tax on dividends ?
  11. Company Director.....it's the way ahead.
  12. 10% tax on company dividends.