Weekly Fitness Plan

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mshortm, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. This is a plan i have developed after alot of advice from different sources

    Monday - warm up - 20 min jog
    - 1 hour weight training

    Tuesday - Warm up - 10 min jog
    - Sprint length of football pitch
    - Walk width (repeat *7) + 1 extra repeat each week

    Wednesday - 30 min Swim

    Thursday - Warm up - Stretch
    - Endurance run (7 miles) +.5mile each week

    Friday - Warm up - 20 min Cycle
    - 1 hour weight training

    Saturday - warm up
    - 1.5 mile run (timed)
    Every other week swap with a 3/4 mile power walk with weighted bag

    Sunday - Rest day

    Plus 50 sit ups, 50 press ups, and 15 pulls ups every day "except rest day"- (try adding 5 extra every week)
    Alter amounts to suit you, this is where i am after about a month on this.

    I decided to post this after a friend in the ta saw it and decided he wanted to copy it.
    If anyone has any comments or extra things i can add on please pm me.
  2. I can imagine that Tuesdays and Thursdays will be a bit of a nightmare after the first year or so.

    I'm not looking forward to the 310 press-ups and sit-ups either, not to mention the 275 pull-ups.
  3. I doubt you'd be able to do 50PU, 50SU, 15CU every single day without either

    a) making no progress
    b) doing some serious injury trying to make that level

    Try it for 2 weeks anyway and see how feasible it is. You might find that the calisthenics interferes with your performance on the weights and vice versa

    Apart from that it sounds ok. I'll give it a shot myself too :D
  4. ...you are going to do youself a mischief. I would advise a second rest day, whats your current level of fitness?

    A while i though i would try running a 5 mile route every week day, by the 2nd week of trying this i had done my groin in and i have only just recoverd from it.
  5. I do 100-120 situps and usually 80-100 pressups a day, plus some weight training?
  6. :eek:

    EVERY day? For how long? Hats off if you can, thats impressive.
  7. Impressive indeed, I do 60 of each every day ish and its hard enough.

  8. i have been doing this for about 4 weeks now, missing the odd day but sticking to it as best as possible whilst actualy having a life.

    I didnt mention i dont do pressups etc on wed when i go swimming either so thats only 5 days.

    And i obviously know that i will not be able to keep goin up .5 miles every week, but that is the aim until i get to about 10miles. If i find im struggling or starting to get a strain i will slow down as i dont want to get injured and have to start from scratch.
  9. Since I started my new fitness regime I have seen a dramatic change in my body, its well worth it!!! ;)
  10. I do a full body weight routine every other day supplemented by for runs consisting of long and short sessions.

    typical week might go something like:

    Mon - 6.5 mile run at 8-9 min/mile pace, full body workout of compound exercises with freeweights based around barbell.

    Tues - 3 mile interval training fast for 0.25 mile slow for 2 mins

    Weds - Full body weights routine based around dumbell.

    Thurs - 4.5 mile run at 8-9 min/mile pace.

    Fri - 0.5 mile warmup followed by 1.5 mile best effort and weight routine on barbell

    Sat - Rest

    Sun - Weights on dumbell 6.5 mile slow run

    The regime then continues on "odd" days.

    I've taken my 1.5 mile time from 13 mins in Jan. To clocking 9.35 mins this week but I have been very strict in doing this and only had 4 days break when I did my legs in after an interval session about two months ago.