Discussion in 'Sappers' started by gmorrison22, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if this sounds completely daft lads but I'm just wondering what are weekends in the Army for a Sapper actually like? Do most people head home or do lads go out the pub etc. Just been bugging me for a while.
  2. Weekends are just the same for Sappers as for every other soldier,they start after duties on Friday and end at first parade on Monday. i hope you find this information helpful.
  3. Succinct! :)
  4. All depends where you are based-UK soldiers are a very different breed to Germany soldiers!!!

    (mainly due to money!)
  5. Why is it bugging you? You do what you want to do unless duties spoil your weekend.
  6. I thought that at weekends Sappers were duty bound to get naked in the sqn bar, set light to body hair and at some point run around with burning bog roll hanging out their arse, to wake up in the morning with a hangover that would kill a small market town.

    Or do they go home to mummy?
  7. Yeah your right its completly ******* daft!!
  8. weekends never existed in 37 fd sqn during the 80's as EVERY day was a drinking day. :)
  9. Was that when the bar was on the ground floor or in the Attic.
  10. C'mon mate think about it! it depends where you are, what you like to do on your time off and how much money you have. If you are in Boschland (does the Corps still have any Regiments out there?) you probably arent going to be going home every weekend now are you. If in Boschland you tend to....

    a) go on the pish in the Sqn bar and the local haunts every weekend without fail and complain how shiite Germany is with nothing to do. Or you....

    b) go on the Pish in the Sqn bar and the local haunts every weekend without fail and bag off with loads of bints (of all shapes and sizes) and say you have had a fecking brill posting and cant understand what all the whining is about.... or you

    c) take advantage of the fact that you are in Central Europe and every now and then fill your car with Fuel tokens, a few full jerry cans and a doss bag and drive to Poland or Prague and get pished there instead (mind you I only knew one guy who did this little JJ from 45 in the early 90's)

    If in the UK you go home on weekends (if in Chatham home is the Cannon in Brompton...or at least it was for me! :-D )
  11. Some weekends we dig out our uniform and run around with a rifle. Some weekends we dig out our uniform and run about without a rifle. Some weekends we dig out our uniforms and exhibit mock interest as we strive to stay awake in a lecture theatre. On other weekends, we leave the uniform in the wardrobe and disperse among ordinary people, doing ordinary people things.

    I don't know what the Regulars do at weekends. I'm not sure that we have Regular soldiers at weekends. I don't recall ever seeing any. Maybe they practice camouflage and concealment. Or maybe escape and evasion. Either way, they're very good at it.