Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Jacko1981, Jul 26, 2010.

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  1. I'm off down the Recruiting Office on Friday to see about joining. However, i've got a couple of questions I wouldn't mind a bit of insight on from lads who are going to give me the less 'sugar-coated' version..

    I'm fully aware of how training is structured (27 days a year; 1 weekend a month; followed by a two week camp). I just wanted to know what a typical weekend is like? Where do you go? And once you've passed out, where do you go on your weekends then? I want to go into the Engineers so what am I likley to be doing on weekends?

    Just interested to know before Friday..

  2. Don't go to your local AFCO...it'll be a wasted journey, just go straight to the TA centre of the unit you want to join, on their parade night, speak to them direct, they'll answer your questions better than an AFCO and they'll have their own recruitment peeps.
  3. Oh right, sound. Thanks for that... saved me on petrol! There are a couple of units that specialise in engeering near me so i'll nip to each one on parade night.

    Any insight on weekends?
  4. Not from me, no. I'm going through the joining process myself.
  5. Its too broad a question really as what you will do on weekends depends very much on which unit you join.
  6. I did the 6 weekends down at Grantham last year. Basically 1st weekend is the 1.5m run in 14 mins then a load of introductions to weapons handling, basics of army life, nothing to heavy. weekend 2-6 were all about weapons handling, tabbing over progressive distances, a camp out for a day and a half (which I managed to fcuk up) and a weapons handling test. Weekend 6 was the 3 mile tab and a few more fitness tests. Looking back on them now they were good fun, a great introduction into TA life but didnt prepare me a lot for the 2 weeker. Main thing to brush up is weapons handling skills, get as much practice in as possible.

    Don't worry too much about the accommodation. Its basic, no one ever checks it bar when you are leaving!!!
  7. I thought he was meaning what do we do on weekends once you have been posted to a unit..