i know this is a vague question, and will probaly get the usual 'how long is a piece of string' answers but what sort of timeframe do u get back on a sunday night. Obviously depends were you've been training etc. But im joining a TA unit in Newcastle, and wondering what sort of time u get back.

rough estimate would be good, soemthing like 5-7, or is it earlier or later?
Depends where you're training at. My weekends usually finished around 1500ish.
I'm completely the other end of the country but mine finished about 15:00 - hour or so drive back to TAC then clean weapons done by 17:00.
Like you say, it depends.
Training weekends for us usually finish around 3-4pm, this will be most weekends.
Exercises with a bit of travel and equipment turnaround can finish around 5-6pm.
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