Weekends off?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by futureviking, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi all.

    Sorry if this topic is not supposed to be here!

    I know during basic training you don't get weekends off, but once you finish... Do you get them off to do what you want or not? As I've heard many different opinions about this?

    If so what sort of stuff do you all do?


  2. Depends. Normally after phase 1 you move onto phase 2, and depending where you go/what cap badge you join, it could be different. When i went through Phase 2 we got most weekends to ourselves, sometimes exercises or other things to keep us 'entertained'. Normally though, keep your head down and your nose clean and things will go alright, just make sure some arrse doesnt get you put on extras over the weekend!

    When you hit your unit or regiment, unless on exercise or deployments, theres no reason why you wont get your weekends, unless you fcuk up!
  3. Look on your weekends as a bonus and not a right and you can't go far wrong. It will set you with a good attitude throughout your military career.

    There is nothing that pi$$es commanders off more than petty whinges. It presents me with the challenge of giving people something to whinge about -walking the old runway at Shaiba picking up nails and other FOD on a sunday is one of my favourites.
  4. Haha! Must be great to feel the power of telling whingers what to do and when! :biggrin:

    Thanks for the information and advice guys! :biggrin:

  5. The usual weekend activities....Doughnut!!

    After getting thrashed around all day, Just be glad you've been let out.
    Get P1ssed and find a horrible thing to spoon for the night.
    Unless you volunteer for weekend duty, and let your mates rattle your sister.
    Or are you too emotionally involved with your Playstation3
  6. Haha.

    1. I do not own a Playstation 3.
    2. I was thinkin about visiting my girlfriend actually.

  7. Dont worry whilst in Phase One someone else will do that for you :headbang:
  8. Considering I know her and none of you don't or know what shes like, there is no need for you all to be stereotypical.

    But this is getting off topic now anyways, I was asking about weekends off, not asking for fake stories of my girlfriends one night stands and such.


  9. your a wee bit touchy there pal you'll get torn to pieces in basic when the piss taking starts
  10. I know there will be piss taking in the army, but the fact is this is not basic training, this is a forum... which I'm asking about weekends. :scratch:

  11. and you got your answer in basic you don't get weekend leave until week 8 when you get a long weekend as long as you don't get back squaded and then after that weekends are your own, unless your on exercises or in Iraq. Oh and keep in mind soldiers are not payed to be on these forums so you'll get your questions answered with a bit of banter. But if you prefare somthing more formal you could always suck of someone at your local careers office for info.
  12. Thankyou. Atleast that was quite a constructive reply. :thumright: Unlike some others.
    And nah.. I can make do with this, career offices tend to talk bullshit about army life when trying to recruit. :pissed:


  13. Deal with it young fella! It was banter, thats the way the Army works.

    Just to enlighten you on the subject of weekends off, the army and banter...

    The soldiers within the British Army have some awesome, sometimes cruel, but nearly always funny ways of taking the pi$$. Sometimes on weekends you are expected to work (i.e stagging on), these only come around every so often (dependant on unit) otherwise the weekends and evenings are yours to do as you please. However on occasions you get some gobby scrotes straight out of training that struggle with banter and start to get a little gobby!
    These types can quite often find that their weekends are taken up sweeping roads, covering on duties or even weed picking.
    How funny is that?

    Get a sense of humour mate, and see the funny side of someone mocking your chick!

    PS Does she take it up the hoop?
    PPS Got any pictures?

    enjoy the army...
  14. Thankyou for a good reply!

    Now what about times? If you was allowed the weekends, do you need to be back before any particular time?

    As you can probably tell I do need to get a better sense of humour which I dont like to admit. :blank: Hope the army helps me with this.


  15. Go where you want after you finish Friday, normally 12ish/early afternoon (again unit dependant). Be back for first parade monday mornin!! Unless your told otherwise.