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Weekends off?

Right, I'm starting basic on 3rd April and finish 7th July, then I go down to Bordon on 18th July :)

I REALLY want to go to V fest, which Is Sat 20th August and Sunday 21st August.. Which Is obv a weekend, would there be any point In me buying tickets?

Can you leave at weekends during phase 2?

Thanks, Butch!
Phase 2 you should be ok for the weekend. Depends on the TP. Dates indicate you will be approx 1 month into phase 2 so guessing that weekend would be ok. But dont quote me.


Make sure when you get to bordon speak to you're platoon sergeant and hopefully he won't put you on duty that weekend. You might be lucky and its during summer leave.
I encountered no problems submitting a leave pass during phase 2 training, as long it didn't clash with any prearranged training objectives. Just remember that a leave pass states 'first day of leave' - you might be required to work very late the day before (especially if you've fucked up), and there's not a lot you can do about it. Whack an extra day's leave on the front if you need to do any travelling prior to the event.
I couldn't even get hold of a V festival ticket after all that but thanks anyway!
How does holiday In the army work? How often do you get 'leave'?

38 Days a year. All the fine detail will be explained to you soon. Any questions ask an approachable NCO during a quiet moment. Good Luck.

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