weekends in basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by welshlad91, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. hey sorry if this is a stupid question lol but i was just wondering in basic do u get the weekends off ? i know u cant leave camp for like the first 7 weeks but i was just wondering if you do get weekends off?

    thanks any help appreciated :)
  2. i asked similer question not long ago and i think you basically work through weekends.....someone serving should know for sure though.
  3. You tend to work Monday to Saturday and have Sundays free.

    However, you will have that much admin and prep for the following week it will feel like no time off at all.
  4. ok cheers pal :)
  5. phase 1 training for me is 14 weeks. does that mean for first 14 weeks i`m marched to meals, gated etc etc or is the marching and gated bit lifted after 6 weeks ?
  6. Marched to meals as a squad until week seven, then you can march in pairs minimum.

    Gated till week 14 one long weekend off at week seven
  7. Don't forget Church Parade on Sundays.... :twisted:

  8. Apart from church parade, breakfast, lunch and dinner parade, telephone and facebook parade and finally, lights out parade :wink:
  9. never been church lol :D except for when i was baptised :/
  10. church parade?? can someone expand on this.. sorry if it seems a stupid question.
  11. That also only happens in week 2..Sundays are your own.