weekends during phase 2

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by lar12345, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering how free your weekends are during phase 2 training - if they're free at all?!

  2. You asking me out? I'm shy you know... :oops:
  3. onI can't remember ever having a free weekend during training, I always remember them as being rather expensive. By remember I mean I remember weekends; they were the things that involved lots of drinking, I can't remember where exactly, who with exactly, how exactly, what I drank exactly but I didn't need a reason why, and I was always skint on Monday.
  4. I was always skint after the first weekend of the month! Does the offer of going out still stand?
  5. maybe you should just mentally adjust to skipping it this year and concentrate on training?
  6. That was the plan, i just had a torrid afterthought about what if it did coincide with a phase two weekend, hmmm.

    Im supposed to be doing a 10k run on the 5th of may, but obviously thats going to get shelved if its the week of selection for me.
  7. As has been said above, most certainly not free. The Man of Kent, the Swan Flatfoot Sams and the Ashford Grill Kebab House took a fair bit of financing.

    While the venues have changed, I'd hope the pattern is the same....:) Or are you planning some gayness like running off home every weekend? 8O
  8. Im 23 in may, and this appplication of mine is the culmination of a 22 year plan to escape the north east on a permanent basis, yeh id visit every once in a while, but ive been in one place for too long!
  9. you from the northeast then geordie?
  10. No he's from Durham and thus qualifies as French. As we all know anything south of Gateshead is france. Southern poof! :)
  11. Yeah im from Durham, i dont like been referred to as a mackem, and to be fair i work with a few smoggies, and they generalise :(
  12. Thats alreet then! For one nasty minute there I thought you might worship at the Stadium of Shyte. You're right about smoggies though. They do generalise. They generally get on my tits! :lol:
  13. I went to the stdium of light once, with a mate who was a norwich fan, we both had great joy that sunderland had won, but norwhich were the champions! (many moons ago)
  14. The only time I went through Sunderland, I had to stop at Birtley services to wash my tyres down! :lol: