Weekends 7, 8 & 9 (Inf)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by richy4, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have a breakdown on what you do on these 3 weekends, and do they follow on directly after the normal 6 weekends (i.e the next non ceonsecutive weekend)?
  2. Fitness, fieldcraft and (live) firing.
    They usually follow on.
  3. Do you do more section/platoon deliberate attacks and advance to contacts?
    Does the live firing concentrat on marksmanship principles?
  4. Section attacks are not taught as they are not on the syllabus. The live firing concentrates on hitting the targets. Marksmanship principles are taught before you get to terrify the DS on a live range.
  5. Surprised they are not on the syllabus but I assume that has been beacuse of the way we fight in Afghan now.
    Makes sense you are taught principles before you get the the range.... even in the classroom some of the SuTs were scarry with their drills.
  6. It's on the Syllabus, just not the RTC one. Section & Platoon Attacks along with other fun things are still taught on CIC.
  7. last w/e 9 we had field exercise which involved more advanced fieldcraft pairs f&m and section attacks
  8. That wouldn't be "Creeping Excellence" now would it?cos you know you'd get told off for that!
  9. Havent you just done weekend one? Some people in your cadre will never have picked up a rifle before so I would expect there to be a few mistakes. Expect plenty of opportunities to polish them up even before you are let loose on DCCT let alone a range proper.