"weekend warriors"

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by UnitedScratchyArse, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. sorry about the stupid comment bloody naive. i've never met one it's just what me corporals always say thanks anyway to the people who posted on what it might be like up there
  2. So, you've lived like a king with your wages last week and now your skint? hence the multiple posts and threads.........
  3. Really? I think you should maybe go away and come back as someone else.

  4. Is it not neccessary to have full command of the english language to join the forces theses days?

    I think that you had to have GCSE grade C or above, so they must have dropped the percentage for a C pretty far!!
  5. You need to get a grip, posting mindless babble on here puts you on the Radar in Ballykinler and thats something you don't want.
  6. Treat it as a learning curve, Think you Cpl was off the party line a tad...has he not heard of the one army concept? :D

    Chances are the first tour you go on your battlegroup will have Reseves in it....
  7. Like Muse, and a few others have mentioned, providing your attitude doesn't get you stoved in you may actually get to meet some "weekend warriors".

    Possibly at the weekend, maybe everyday of the week for about 6 months. You will probably realise that either you have been misinformed or you misunderstood about the "soldier when you like" TA. Some of those at 2 Rifles may be ex or even serving TA.

    You do realise that there are fair few "weekend warriors" out there who have more experience on Ops and and of the Army as a whole than you do right now?

    Now, go away, rejoin as another name, return and learn. The spectrum of military knowledge on this site spans Cadets to the Old and Bold, we even have a few foreigners, families and career civvies on here.

    One more thing to ponder. If your face doesn't fit, it can be moulded to fit.