Weekend Warriors

I spent saturday in bed alternating between 24 series 5, a good book, and thrapping. Went for a run this morning. Most productive weekend in ages.

As for TA training, I vowed after Cambrian Patrol this year I'd take a few weekends off; am taking a CFT next sunday but that's me until January...
I'm still in Training, do you still want to know?
in between units and i'm bored :(
polar69 said:
Come on then all you weekend warriors

What did you do this weekend and was the training worth it ?
I had a great weekend. I'm not going to say any more about it other than the training was most definitely worth it! That's two of three weekends in a row done.
This weekend I finished my Gaps training and passed the CBRN, BCDT, SAA, and map reading tests. Yey. Oh did a PFT. And met a guy who really looked like the SMaj from the second series of bad lads army.
Spent in the field, again, second this year, that's a bit unfair I think since I'm cav and that's why we have inf instructors! I think the OC is playing a cruel trick on me. It was okay we only had six little darlings to care for, but we sent one in & got two BK fat Bar stewards in return. So my w/e went well IMOHO.

BTW the Pentlands were a tad snowy.
They looked thoroughly sunny from where i was old bean!!!!

Pentlands, snowy, never!
Christmas shopping on Saturday and long walk on Sunday. Followed by a few pints in the pub. ;)

Next weekend however, CCRF.... <yawn>
Our unit went clay pidgeon shooting in the morning to mid afternoon, in the evening we had an excellent all ranks dinner, followed by a disco and a bungee run game. It was an excellent day and night.
Troop leaders inspections and CES checks on the vehicles, boring but necessary. Bit of phys on Sunday morning which made a nice change even though my legs decided that they weren't designed to carry my fat arrse up and down hills!


polar69 said:
Come on then all you weekend warriors

What did you do this weekend and was the training worth it ?
Weekend off! Marvelous. So I ate and drank far too much. :D

However, did do about 3 hours of paper work on Sunday evening :roll: - and some prep for my TA LEOC at RMAS next week 8O
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