Weekend Warriors

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Come on then all you weekend warriors

    What did you do this weekend and was the training worth it ?
  2. I spent saturday in bed alternating between 24 series 5, a good book, and thrapping. Went for a run this morning. Most productive weekend in ages.

    As for TA training, I vowed after Cambrian Patrol this year I'd take a few weekends off; am taking a CFT next sunday but that's me until January...
  3. Been, and still am, resident on call at the hospital all weekend. :(

  4. Fantastic study day on lower limb injuries. Caring is somthing the AMS still can do especially at Headley Court.
  5. I'm still in Training, do you still want to know?
  6. Yes!
  7. nuffink.
    in between units and i'm bored :(
  8. I had a great weekend. I'm not going to say any more about it other than the training was most definitely worth it! That's two of three weekends in a row done.
  9. Study Day

  10. This weekend I finished my Gaps training and passed the CBRN, BCDT, SAA, and map reading tests. Yey. Oh did a PFT. And met a guy who really looked like the SMaj from the second series of bad lads army.
  11. Spent in the field, again, second this year, that's a bit unfair I think since I'm cav and that's why we have inf instructors! I think the OC is playing a cruel trick on me. It was okay we only had six little darlings to care for, but we sent one in & got two BK fat Bar stewards in return. So my w/e went well IMOHO.

    BTW the Pentlands were a tad snowy.
  12. They looked thoroughly sunny from where i was old bean!!!!

    Pentlands, snowy, never!
  13. Christmas shopping on Saturday and long walk on Sunday. Followed by a few pints in the pub. ;)

    Next weekend however, CCRF.... <yawn>
  14. Did a 24 mile forced march for Children in need on Saturday, couldn't move on Sunday so girlfriend had to wait on me. Not a bad weekend after all!
  15. Our unit went clay pidgeon shooting in the morning to mid afternoon, in the evening we had an excellent all ranks dinner, followed by a disco and a bungee run game. It was an excellent day and night.