Weekend Warriors no more....??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. 'The TA was at one time dismissed as 'weekend warriors', but now the military admit they couldn't do without them. Martin finds out what makes ordinary people want to give up their civilian life to fight in Afghanistan.”

    Transpires Martyn Bell is doing a two programme series on the above. Radio 4 (the one with the Archers).

    'Weekend Warriors No Longer'

    11:00 – 11:30

    Feb 3rd and 10th

    “Martin Bell investigates how the part-time Territorial Army is surviving full-time warfare.
  2. I was expecting a thread about the TA being scrapped!
  3. Give it time...this could be a clever part of the MOD conspiracy in paving the way for changes to TACOS, infrastructure and CofC. I know!, let's call it the Reserve!

    The reality is that whatever the programme says, it's unlikely to be helpful (unless you're in 4 Para - oh my God, it could be about 4 Para!!) as it may expose one of the great lies (akin to 'cheques in the post etc) in that the TA soldier volunteers twice to go on Ops.

    I wonder who MB spoke to?,,,,, wasn't me.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I've volunteered and been on tours twice, and so have many in my battalion. So it's not a 'great lie', but then perhaps we're just an exceptional group of 'lemmings'.

    I'm not in 4 PARA. MB didn't speak to me either.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Why would they? I though the programme was about TA soldiers volunteering to serbe on operations overseas?
  6. Nice one - you really need to get a hobby.

    Hope you feel better after that.

    Are you in the programme?
  7. Sorry, I should have perhaps made myself clear.

    'A Lie' in that the Army fails to make this clear to employers that mobilisees went of their own accord...'an inconvenient truth'?
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Thank you, but I already have several hobbies. Reading and replying to the "we're doooomed" posts emananting from the non-deployables in regional forces HQs is but one of them.

    I was feeling fine anyway - a nice weekend with the family, then away on MST this weekend so some good training to look forward to. You?

    No, I am not.
  9. Indeed - thank you.

    Not in Reg Forces old chap - bigger fish to fry.

    I don't think a devils advocate is a bad thing in these troubled times - not least when there is so much a stake.

    Hopefully, the programme might discuss the 'twice a citizen' piece in this debate that is so crucial. Without this aspect of the 'reserve' then we might as well all join up permanently. Trust me, the future of the TA hangs in the balance at the moment as it inexorably drifts into a force of part time regulars. Not 'doomed' as such, but let us at least enter into the new era with both eyes open and make sure that whatever the outcome (I doubt that we can influence it that much). we at least are aware of the implications for the force and for the individuals in it.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Don't worry, I am facing it fair and square.

    How far do you push Devil's Advocate before it becomes incessant bleating?

    Why do you give the impression of someone who believes that units who meet the current demands (ie mobilising large numbers) are "lemmings" who are doing harm to the never to be deployed TA of the old and bold Utopia, rather than the element that has actually managed to give the TA the credibility it never had during the non-deploying eras?

    Why does every piece of PR have to become a vehicle for your own hobby horses, and not accepted for what it is?
  11. I see that we're having another go at this thread :)

    Let's see what MB has to say, he's extremely pro-forces and I expect this to pay tribute to the part played by the TA in Afghanistan. Whether he gets into the twice a citizen piece will be telling, if not it will only because it was never mentioned by his MoD sponsor or indeed anyone he spoke to.

    Probably similar to the Duke's experience, most of the lads I know who are joining the TA are doing it to do a tour or 2 without joining the regulars, I don't think any of them have given a thought to the noble concept of twice a citizen.
  12. Well I am totally confused, which is , admittedly, nothing new.

    Gordon in the Times today promising, if re-elected, to keep all the big ticket items in the Defence Budget, 100k Army etc. It would be nice iof he could push Cameron into signing up for that too but I doubt it. Folk on other threads defending high end technologly kit designed for major war-fighting, while others want to chop anything not specific to COIN and Herrick.

    Previously having heard others say that the TA will be cut mahoosively, others that the way to retain 100K in total is to have a good proportion of that number in the Reserve.

    Bde staff last week with NO idea of what next years budget will be, scrambling after pennies to keep going this year, Regular colleagues still deploying with units back-filled from all over, despite cries of "approaching full manning".

    Roll on the election and the new SDR. Frankly all I want is some clarity around an agreed set of priorities. What would be nice would be a deep look at the way MOD does business, to reorientate slim line processes and procedures towards war-fighting outputs. In more parochial terms for the TA I'd settle for a sensible model, something that acknowledges that a Reservist is likely to have a job and family commitments. GCM fails on that one fundamental.
  13. Well not really weekend warriors ... there isnt even any trainng at weekends ... more like part time, part timers. ...