Weekend plans?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Big_Rob, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Early finish so Im currently on my laptop eating a bannana sandwich, best way to line your stomach you see. expect to be in the battle cruiser in at least an hour.

    From there who knows.

  2. Paintballing and then onto watch ladies dancing around with not much on

    Normal weekend really.
  3. The ladies part sound appealing.
  4. Two hour drive North East to the Sqn. Moan all the way.
    On the bus / off the bus for an hour or so until we've counted all the wpns forty-three times. Moan.
    Four hour drive (with moaning) in the Sunshine Bus to Pirbright. Yes, passing my house about half way.
    Wander around the lines moaning for an hour or so until we find the right digs.
    Five hours of intermittant snoring/farting/gibbering until woken by a dawn chorus of coughing, moaning and swearing.
    Wander around big Army camp hiding from scary soldiers, moaning quietly looking for scoff.
    Eat and moan.
    Wander around looking for digs, whilst moaning and hiding from soldiers.
    Queue for an hour at the wrong armskote. Moan.
    Get back on the Sunshine bus and take a twenty minute moan fuelled drive to the ranges that you can gob at from the digs.
    Shoot all day - very little moaning.

    Replay mornings' events in reverse.....

    Livin' the dream.
  5. :D theres always next weekend to look forward to.
  6. Certainly worth the fucking pennies you lot arent you
  7. I don't bother claiming pay - not worth the hassle on the tax return.

    I look at it as community service.

    Couldn't pass the CRB and be an AI anyway.
  8. fk me you've got a life you boring no mates, no girlfriend twat
  9. Just a spot of DIY for me. Finally getting round to finishing off the soundproofing in the rape dungeon.
  10. It didn't line Marc Almond's very well when he collapsed with a belly full of jizz.

    Unfounded medical snippets, keep them to yourself... Pah!

    Oh, forgot to add... I am fcuking working nights all weekend......