Weekend Outrage.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zero-over, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. I don't think you are outraged at all - mildly vexed maybe but not outraged. You could do with getting yourself a bit more worked up I think.

    I think Biscuits AB once said exactly the same to someone, ages ago.

    Edit: The proper Biscuits AB and not the low cal version ;)
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  2. To be fair I couldn't give a crap about it, I just thought I'd start the thread here before some tedious twat does it in Current Affairs.
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  3. This is outrageous. I hate queers now and will never suck another bloke off ever again.
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  4. Anger. Outrage. Disbelief. These are just some of the words being used to describe zero-over's reaction to this shocking event, which has rocked the civilised world to its foundations.

    From all four corners of the earth comes a swelling chorus of protest against what even world leaders are calling "a crime against humanity without parallel in the modern world.

    News of zero over's astonishing outburst of outrage has spread quickly around the world, sparking protest demonstrations in Tehran, Skegness, Pitcairn and supporters of Hamas have vented their fury by firing rockets into Jerusalem.
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  5. Bet it was a shit hat cunt you sucked off too, just to add extra cuntishness!!!
  6. Pitcairn?! The kiddy-fiddling cunts! Now I AM outraged.
  7. Well, those blokes in the pointy shiny hats on the horses look nice.
  8. They need to get chat back up again, it acted as a containment vessel for his outrage.

    A bit like the Ark Of The Covenant in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, open the lid at your peril.
  9. I am outraged that no one has yet pointed out that Worksop is an even bigger shi'ite hole than Maccelsfield.
  10. The horses look better!!
  11. It isn't, though.
  12. Worksop could be immeasurably improved a can of instant sunshine.
  13. They have bigger cocks anyway.
  14. Worksop is indeed a shit hole but the swimming baths do have an excellent death drop water slide.