Weekend One combat camping what can I expect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tough_guy, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Morning all.

    Having a last minute kit check / panic attack as I'm on weekend one of the brand new phase one training, in malta. I've been told we'll be out in the field this weekend.

    What should I expect?
    Any tips on kit I need?

    I had a couple of weekends last year but due to family commitments had to bail out and start again this year, and apparently the syllabus has changed.

    Any help (or mild abuse,to get in the right mindset :D ) would be appreciated .

  2. Its probably changed since my day, but my first weekend excercise was things like digging shell scrapes, learning to cook compo & personal admin in the field, basic field craft like camming up and how you move in the field, sigh fcuk me that was 11 years ago...
  3. Due to start in May myself.

    We have been given a guideline timetable and weekend one is death by powerpoint presentation and P.T. an initial weapons safety lesson, stuff about hygene, do's and don't, rank etiquette (apologies for spelling) etcetera....

    I don't think that there will be much digging of fox-holes and shitting in bags.
  4. Take a couple of good books to read while sitting in the Maltese sun. There's lots of sitting about waiting around on this sort of weekend.

    Oh and take every bit of kit you have been issued (even the long johns) in case there's a 'random' kit inspection. You'll be laughing your head off as everyone else gets fined press ups and runs etc...
  5. You're not allowed to on some training areas, pray you get one of those. :D
  6. Yeah, pray you never have to, so the one time you really need to you've no idea what you're doing :roll:
  7. Obviously light hearted banter doesn't do it for you :roll:
  8. You need to ensure that your unit issues you

    Gortex clothing
    Mess tins
    Full set of webbing

    Suggest if you can extra of the last 2 items it would be useful
  9. Don't forget your warm kit and waterproofs, spare pairs of socks, make sure your boots fit properly and you have your issued or your own insoles in and seeing as it's your first weekend.


    Some of the crows cutting around our place look like Frank Spencer.

  10. That's the old syllabus mate, it's all changed as of..1st of April i believe.
    First weekend is now a field weekend.

    Pack extra bungees, para cord, a decent (small) pocket knife, warm gloves, your sense of humour, cam cream if it's been issued, a set of new knees and for the love of all that's holy make sure you've got everything you need for your webbing and daysack.

    Final note - Good luck! You'll have bliddy good fun and come away with a surprisingly close set of mates. Keep us updated of how you get on dude!
  11. I'm in Year 12 of the TA, and we still do 'combat camping'.
  12. all i can say is watch out for a certain lcpl from the pwrr, as he WILL check your mess tins are clean and if not he WILL launch them across the training area,

    just pin your ears back and listen in and you'll be fine, one of my guys is starting there tonight too
  13. I notice someone mentioned a new set of knees. After 4 hours of section attacks in my last training batch, I could have done with some. 2 weeks later I'm still walking a little gingerly. What does everyone think about kneepads? Obviously mine would be bright pink roller stakes.
  14. You'll get laughed at, not my opinion, i don't see a reason why you shouldn't be able to wear them, but i can see them being laughed out. Stick one (you'll only need one) in your bergen and ask a DS what they think before you go, if they say no (can't see it, personally) then chuck it in your civvy bag, which stays at malta, and forget about it. if they say yes, wear it, when other recruits rib you for it, bide your time and watch them walk sunday afternoon with a grin on your face. and for the love of god clean the mess tins, the aforementioned Lcpl has an arm capable of launching them MILES!
  15. Do they still stamp on them before they launch them? Not that it, erm, ever happened to me, ahem...