Weekend on the ranges

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kaye, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Ullo,

    Coming weekend the company gets to spend two days at the rifle range. Last night a mail from the OC came saying that all things that would spice this up (the contact range and some manoeuvre worl) have been axed. :x

    I'm now looking at taking my section to a rifle range and very little else for two days.

    Anyone got any idea's to spice things up a little?
  2. Blindfold shooting? Blank/live lucky dip? Finger painting on the figure 11s? Naked Twister with the Range Warden on the 300m point? Decorating the fire trenches with ethnic beads and throws? Sand castle competition in the butts? Guess the difference between the tea & the coffee?

    Use your imagination.
  3. Falling plate comp. march and shoot (ie march the toms from a distance away and then get them to bomb up on arrival at the point).
  4. Best shot pool? Section shotgun?
  5. long lie in?
  6. Pish yourself first contest.
  7. Thanks, guys.

    But ehm. What's section shotgun? I've got a lively imagination and what I imagine this to be will get me in trouble with the range safety people. As will most of my other ideas!

    I wanted to do a little life fire contact drill and tunneling drill. The CSM wouldn't have any of it.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If you practice certain elements of the APWT, you can stay within pam 20, but do some more interesting shoots. Specifically, the standing to kneeling practices can be used to simulate the RTR element of the section battle drills.

    Snap shooting standing, then rapid but accurate fire from kneeling/squatting. Not as good as full contact drills, but adds the element of movement/rapid reaction to a static range practice, and builds up to LFTT.

    Add in some stone man racing, the "Grand National", eat the block of margarine/one man one norgie competitions and you have the makings of a good range day!
  9. Heavy drinking?
  10. The guy in the section who's grouping is akin to a shot gun spread.
  11. The best thing that you could do with two days on the ranges would be to go through LF1-10 (or whatever you can doon your range), teaching the guys to shoot from scratch. Isolate the turbo-mong and just give him 1-1 training, doing the whole dummy-ball-dummy thing and actually get them up to a decent standard.

    Once you've done all that, have a few competitive shoots. Balloons are a good one. If you're on a ETR fire the first practice of the Roupell Cup.
  12. In my mind's eye I saw the section lined up a'la Sharpe's Chosen Men and opening up on one fig. 11. Trying to completely shoot it to bits, the rounds from all those rifles resembling a shotgun impact! :D

    Seems like a good idea when the range safety people aren't there, though!
  13. Agree with the previous posters.

    Firstly, get the guys really well zero'ed. Often good zeroing is overlooked.

    Secondly, crack through the obvious - APWT etc.

    Then why not try competition shoots - Rappell etc? Some time ago as a very green 2Lt I was jiffed to enter a regimental team into the NISAAM at lastminute.com, thought "No dramas, should be pretty simple". Three days later I was being given a good listening-to by the Regimental Colonel.

    He didn't mind our being beaten by the R IRISH shooting team - PT dodgers with years of experience, to a man.

    He was pretty unimpressed that we were beaten by the A&SH and RGJ. He was distinctly cool that we came behind the the D&D.

    He could just about swallow his regiment being beaten by the KRH, if he was in a particularly generous frame of mind ( he wasn't ). But being beaten by the NI CSS Regt? :oops:

    Cue red faced wrath and a ballistic chest poking for 2Lt Charlie Cong. Actually, I got off lightly as his finger was shaking so much he could barely get a grouping on my sternum.

    A brief, impassioned phone call to my Adjt and 10 extras later I learnt the value of learning about, and practicing, competition shoots. There is an easier way!

    Would be a good couple of hours if you make it an inter-Section competition and you'd be suprised how relevant the shoots are - a good deal of snap shooting as I remember.

    Combine it with a March and Shoot, possibly including the camp's obstacle course, or some TLFTT and you are laughing.

    And as for concurrent activity? Well Murderball, British Bulldogs, "King of the Ring" and "Pop Idol" should guarantee some morale.

    You'll find the address of the nearest hospital in your RASP particularly pertinent! :D

    Also "Toby Tig" works well on long range days. An OR sport only, thank god. Or at least it should be... I can't speak for the Paras anyway. For them its probably foreplay.

  14. How about firing with bayonets fixed? Takes a bit of getting used to and it's pound to a pinch they'll have to do it at some point. Or, if you have a 4 or 600m range Gallery range available, some of the Pam 20 shoots are pretty testing.

    Also, and I stand by to be corrected, I think on a 1-3 range so long as the firers are stationary at the point of releasing the shot, it doesn't matter what rag-dolling they've been up to beforehand. You could have them pepper-potting onto the firing point and if there are any issues on weapon states have them make safe before each move. It may detract from the realism but it'll get them used to weapon handling while hot and sweaty.

  15. Have a quick check with the SASC. Last time I tried to fire with swords fixed, there was a ban on it becuse they keep flying off.