Weekend Leave Pass?

Is it possible to put a weekend leave pass in, ie after duties friday till first parade monday? This would be for 0 working days but would be in order to claim food charges back for a period when meals aren't being taken. I have looked through as many rules as I can find and can't see anywhere that gives a reason why it can't be done. I'm only checking before I do it so I can have some comeback when the RAO tells me to wind my neck in for trying it on!
If you live in the mess, book out

That was a quite a sensible answer from someone who, at the moment, wants to fight the world and win.
Unfortunately booking out only cancels your extra messing, or at least thats the way they play it where I currently am.
We used to try it, to make sure you had the wkend off, although as you try and hand the fcuker in you'd normally get caught, and some nob-end would view it as you asking for a favour and you'd end up on dutys the following wkend!
There is no rule....if you are not going to be in camp at weekends you are quite within your rights to put in a leave pass to cover this.

I know some clerks get ars*y but at the end of the day its your money and they are paid to administrate you. My lot do it all the time, not to get out of duty but to get the food money back, it all adds up at the end of the day.

As a clerk myself (and i like to think im one of the better ones :lol: ) my motto has always been "its money better off in your pocket than in the systems". God forbid i had to spend 15 mins at my unimong terminal to do a bulk leave pass submission but if you look after your guys then they will look after you.

Might go and have a rant in the useless clerk forum now. :evil:

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