Weekend leave during P1 week 6-14 and P2

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by LiamP, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. I was curious, the briefing at the end of ADSC basically told us weekends are our own and we can use them as we wish, we may work some saturdays and such but nothing to worry about. This is no drama, but it was mentioned about being back on base for a certain time on Saturday/Sunday nights. I thought you were able to return home at weekends after week 6? I understand this is no walk in the park and won't always have this luxury, but it's mainly for girlfriend concerns and such.

    Oh and since i'm asking away, what's the situation with hair cuts during your time in training. Just curious. Appreciatted lads.
  2. From what I was told over the first 14 weeks you get the long weekend halfway through basic, and then weekends off as such...But I believe its on base or local, The would rather you didnt go home unless under specific circumstances...Phase 2 however I think you just expected back at base by a set time on the sunday night! I read it somewhere...will attempt to find it for you!
  3. phase one, you get a long weekend at the end of week 7, after that you might get a day release on a saturday or a sunday, but its at your troop staffs disgression, you have to earn it as a troop. as for weekends being your own, yes, but I highly suggest you use that time to square your admin away for the week ahead.

    edited to add, forget about going home for the weekend, day release means just that, back on camp for 6
  4. On long weekend atm so yes you go home on long weekend but then after it is at the disgression of the training staff if you get to go off base after week 7. One guy has been told he may be able to go home on weekends because he only lives 30 mins away but I would bother to be honest. You are out at 1100 hrs and have to be back for 1700 hrs if your permanent staff let you.
  5. or just find a bird and smash her in woking, job done
  6. i have a mate at catterick he started on sept 21st and is on a weekend's leave right now, i always though you dont get to leave the garrison til week 7?
  7. Spot on advice. You will look a prize cnut, and will probably fcuk it up for every one else if you do one then come back with no kit prepped or squared away.