Weekend Hillwalking

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CardinalSin, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. Anyone here interested in getting the odd weekend on the hills? I'm stuck in the midlands, but I have the lakes, peaks and north wales all within about 3 hours.

    I'm after doing some 2-day expeds, doing a wee bit of wild camping. I already have all my own gear (cracking little Vango Phantom 200 which is really lightweight) and pretty much open for anywhere. There's been some great routes in Trail magazine in the last couple months which are great for planning.

    I fancy doing the Welsh 3000ers - which definitely takes from first to last light, as well as doing some of the slightly less popular Welsh peaks like Cadair Idris, Cnicht and traversing down the Cambrians. My endgame is getting some decent munros, particularly looking towards Torridon and perhaps further south - though traversing Skye's Black Cuillin still looks a bit demanding, as my climbing/scrambling is a bit rusty.

    I reckon regular ARRSE weekends on the hill would be cool. Any suggestions? I'll looking at doing something, probably mid-to-north Wales over the weekend 13-14 August, although any area is considered. Nothing TOO strenuous, we're not talking selection here - reasonable conversation pace! Any takers?
  2. We could get Robin Cooks wife to be the guide.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    No Aunty, she only got halfway then went back on the biff chopper.

    The jack cow !
  4. Sorry to rain on your parade but she had to walk down. The poor cow - just saw her husband have a heart attack and fall over a cliff, then they make her walk down!
  5. They could of at least given her a skate board. :roll:
  6. She needs the exercise! More so in fact; he was a skinny little runt (I DID spell that correctly!) and look what happened to him! All that walking its dangerous; if old people want to get fit then they should partake in organised activities in the grounds of a well funded top of the league local hospital.
  7. Can't believe Robin Cook had to get in the jack wagon!
  8. Cracking idea CS. Dates no good for me but think this would be well worth pursuing for future weekends - especially if anyone fancies a trip North of the Border.

    Also, anyone fancy putting together an arrse team or two for: The Caledonian Challenge Unit entries always welcome and the organisers will give special rates to Reg/TA teams.
  9. Well, i walked/scrambled up Ben Lomond on sunday. Managed it in up and down in less than 4hrs (with time for a brew and egg banjo at the top)

    It was a brilliant day and great walk. The only bad thing was that it was so bloody busy! (see the pics)
  10. Count me in mate i'd be up for some of that..
  11. I would love to join you but round by me they have discovered the M O T O R C A R in order to move long distances with ease and the A I R O P L A N E in order to go upwards a long way
  12. Similar to an aeroplane?

    Were we in the same Army Air Corps? :D
  13. Similar, but better
  14. I'm going up either Snowdon or the Brecons this Thursday (16th) - might as well do it during work time eh? Personally I find Snowdon dull, but some lads want to get their arrses up Crib Goch, so that's the current COA. PM me if you want to meet up.
  15. Decided to do a clockwise route of the Black Mountains from Crickhowell instead. Will let you know how it goes (got myself gucci new Berghaus daysack today)