Weekend Break?!?!?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Tappy48, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Hello all, I am hoping to begin CMS training at Winchester on 19th Feb, I have some quick questions; When is the weekend break? is it after 6 or 7 weeks? is it guaranteed? and how many days is it? The reason I ask is to ensure my family and friends are available to meet.
    Any sensible replys will be much appreciated
  2. At the end of week 7 of your training, according to the ATR Lichfield site. It's not quite guaranteed (at least, it didn't used to be) as you have to pass your drill test, inspections and so forth to get it, but if you do the work you're told to then none of them should be a problem.
  3. thanks for the reply, that's what i suspected, why is it the army are so unorganised in terms of getting information on the official website correct? It says you get a weeks leave and that the CMS training is only 12 weeks!! It sort of sums up the recruitment process,
  4. As above it should be around week 7 but again, its not concrete.

    When I was in training we did pass all inspections and drill tests but were told we would enjoy a long weekend at sunny Pirbright more than at home with our girlfriends. So no weekend leave for us!

    On the flip side we did get to go home for Christmas shortly after.

    Just keep your ears out for any info when you start basic, but don't ask your section cpl when you can go home as soon as you arrive!!


    Good Luck.
  5. Probably hasn't been updated since they changed basic from 12 weeks to 14.
  6. mine was half way through basic training, but then again my basic was 10 weeks. i would have a guess that it is 7 weeks as basic is now 14 weeks long
  7. The long weekend is at the end of week 7, provided you have not been back squadded for any reasons. So in that sense it's not guaranteed, but provided you make it through to week 7 .. all should be well :D
  8. excellent, thankyou for this information it has cleared any doubts, I have found out today I don't start untill May which is very disapointing, but hey more prep time I suppose, and once I'm in, I'm in!
    Thankyou all
  9. end of week 6

    i was supposed to be going on my long weekend this week but we've all decided to stay here and go on xmas leave 2 days early instead
  10. you have a choice?! where on earth are you doing basic lol?!
  11. im in catterick mate... vimy barracks

    they gave us a choice + the majority of us wanted to do that
  12. Do they give you a choice of what time to get up in the morning as well ! ITC's must be going soft these days, wouldn't have happened in my day.