weekend benders

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by num_nutz, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. just a question for ya's, i suffer from getting these incrdible urges to get incredibly drunk and do really stupid things, like blow a whole wage in the pink house!! after a 2 day long booze up, and im wondering if any one else here suffers from the same ailment.

    whats the worst or best (depending on how you look at it!) things youve found your self to have inflicted on yourself and or others around you

    this weekend is one of the worst ive had in a long time,
    as soon as i was knocked off on friday i straight away got some booze then proceed (spelling mong) to hit town lose the mobile, pull a guy out a taxi, "borrow" a big german bike god knows what else,when i woke up on saturday lying naked and bloody cold next to my bed i start the old "what have i done" before getting blazing again and hitting the pink house and bumming a hooker for 8 hours straight and blowing as months wages,

    so what have you guys done under the influence??
  2. Try looking in "Now thats what I call ARRSE" or "Now thats what I call the NAFFI bar" for some of the more amusing exploits.
  3. I assume you are proud to have spent Armistice day hammered? You didn't do anything to remember the fallen? I can see you getting on so well on this site.
  4. Eight hours sh1tstabbing ? You'd have a c0ck like the contents of a back-street abortion practicioners peddle bin, and her colon would be hanging out like an angry elephants trunk.
  5. When I read "weekend benders" as the title for this thread I assumed that it was about men who liked to stir another mans innards over the weekend.
    Having said that, num nutz hasn't said what sex the hooker was so I suppose that it must have been a rent/lady boy he was bumming.
  6. So while the rest of the non-deployed Army (all four of us) were on the parade square or town main drag in our ginger drinking suits, you were in a brothel and the Regimental Scary Man didn't say anything about it?