Weekend away without the kids

Discussion in 'Travel' started by WhiteHorse, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    We're looking for a weekend away without kids, cost no really an issue. Travelling from London area. The better half and I both run and keep fit so would like some oppertunity to exercise but we both need to let our hair down and have fun!

    Any suggestions?


  2. From London, take a train down to Brighton and get a couple of nights in the Pelirocco, it's brilliant! I've stayed there a few times now, and will certainly be going back in the future. It is ideal for couples weekends away from home.
    The staff there are amazing, can't do enough for you. The breakfasts are amazing, and the rooms... Just click on the link and check the pictures :D
    It is really well located close to all the main spots in town, so a good weekend is to be had regardless of your tastes.

    If you really want to do some PT, the seafront is good for running, it is rare to walk along without needing to move several times for runners. To be honest though, depending on the room you get, you will get more than enough phys staying indoors! :twisted:
  3. Nice country house hotel just as long as its in Wales, we got it all mountains, beaches, culture, food you name it we got it
  4. Yeah - you keep it!
  5. Spend a night or two in Amberley Castle near Worthing. The food is excellent and it's a nice retreat.

  6. Yeah, and all the exercise you want competing with the locals trying to catch the sheep.!!! wellie's not obligatory. :D
  7. Spent Christmas there with SWMBO about 15 years ago - outstanding place.
  8. Sorry, was thinking of something further afield, short flight etc.

    Though I must take a closer look at the Brighton hotel... :D
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    1) Call on the neighbours. Tell them you are doing some home improvements.

    2) Buy a bottle of Moet and some handcuffs

    3) Slam the door and remind her why she first fell in love with you

    4) You owe me £1,257 what I have saved you on flights to Benidorm

    5) Cash'll do nicely. Any time you are ready
  10. If you wanted to stay in the UK I would suggest a weekend at The Hotel, Watergate Bay, Nr Newquay, Cornwall. A child friendly hotel with the Extreme Academy where you can wind-surf, kit-surf or surf. And as a bonus Jamie Oliver's 15 Cornwall is positioned close by on the beach. Have stayed and dined both in the hotel and at Jamie's so can recommend it for a romantic weekend or even if you want to take children.

  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Which part of "A weekend away without the kids" are you having a problem with?

    Jesus fucking Christ. Why do I bother?
  12. Well in that case may I suggest a trip into orbit with Virgin Galactic a cool $200,000 a ticket. What better way to spend the weekend?
  13. Don't do it! I tried it once and came back to discover that I'd been mobilised.

    God has an evil sense of humour.
  14. The hotel is great with or without kids....the reason I mentioned "child friendly" is rather dependent on whether Whitehorse wants a romantic weekend away without children around or whether the pluses of the hotel overcome the fact that children will be there.

    Should have made it clearer.
  15. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    If staying in the UK isn't a basic prerequisite, fly over to Paderborn from London.
    Stay in the Hotel Waldschlösschen in Horn - Bad Meinberg.
    Food and accommodation superb and you can book a 3-day-stay with various interesting things you will do and see.
    Such as:
    - Either gliding or aircraft flight above the Hermannsdenkmal and the Externsteine
    (both places are fantastic for some walking/climbing as well)
    - visit to the ornithological station (eagle breeding and training) in Berlebeck with a magnificent show
    - cycle or trekking tour through the Teutoburger Wald
    - the Kletterpark at the Hermannsdenkmal which is great fun
    - and finally if you're interested in history or want to do something completely different as well,
    you can learn and see lots of things about the Romans and the Varusschlacht.

    If you decide for this, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time. :)