Weekend away to Glasgow

I'm planning on taking my better half away for a weekend away to Glasgow.

However I think being from Edinburgh is clouding my judgement. Other than being stabbed, robbed and not understanding what the locals are saying what else is there to do? :D

There is the Science centre (where young neds learn to cook smack) and Livingstons museum what is there to do?
Kelvingrove for some kullchur? Or my personal favourite the Burrell, there's Pollok House and Park there too. If you're taking the missus, there's endless opportunities for shopping at all ends of the price range. Braehead and XScape for some skiing and climbing? Or you can do both in Ibrox too. On that note, Ibrox, Celtic Park and Hampden all do stadium tours if you're that way inclined! If you're in the west end, there's the Botanic Gardens and the Huntarian Museum and Art Gallery too. The Gallery of Modern Art? Theatre?
Failing all that, just make like a local and get pished!
If Two Fat Ladies is still open, it is worth a punt. That is a restaurant, by the way not a "number one contact".
pop into the horshoe,in dury lane near the central station.
longest bar in europe.
old mirrors and furnishings,tennants lager on tap and a victorian wooden interior to sit in.
Travis plat discs and brit award behind bar.
good cheap scoff as well.
or for upmarket-walk a few yards away to the rogano.
an art deco rest form olden days-great food.
the citizens may be doing a play-old rep theatre where pierce brosnan got his start.
museums are free of course.
kelvingrove as said-see the painting the crucificition of Paul by dali.
taxi ranks have stewards now.
never been worried by violance in glasgow.
1- its milder than rest of UK
2-I am from paisley-weedgies are scared of us.
Glesgi has loads of museums all around and plenty of pubs, restaurants and clubs too and of course you have to wear the soap on the rope around the neck to keep the soap dodgers away from you and the good lady :)

There is a super Italian restaurant called believe it or not The Italian Kitchen‎ 64 Ingram Street, Glasgow, Glasgow City G1 0141 572 1472‎ I can highy recommend this place and you will have to book a table
What's the tapas bar off George Square? Best I have eaten outside or indeed most inside Spain.
Start at Queen Street end of Sauchiehall street. Slow crawl up the right hand side. Some crackin shops and plenty of bars. At the top end great chinese noodle bar opposite the old recruiting office ,do anything you like fresh.Reccomend the dim sum menu .Then back down other side.If you see my old MTO singing and rattling his mess tin drop him 20p.
Visit the Saracens head or Bairds Bar near the Barras you'll love it. There is a good bar on Gordon St Bier Halle Republic? downstairs in a basement loads of great beers from all over the world in it. Sloans just off Argyll St is also nice it hasa small market out the back at the weekends just dont take your missus through the Argyll arcade all jewellers shops that sell shiney things up to £75k when I looked the other week.

Waxy O'Connors next to Queen St station is good Irish bar but you do find people in there having a jaming session with the traditional instruments also you'll get lost in the place going for a slash everyone does!
You can always visit the glorious Celtic park 8)
Or for that authentic "Lord of the rings" experience visit Ibrox to see orcs galore. :wink:
Now you are presuming that you will get in....originally from Edinburgh, we don't like your type that much!

On a serious note, the kelvingrove currently has a glasgow boys exhibition which will be well worth seeing, pop across the road to the transport museum just to see the old style before it moves to its bespoke new building on clydeside. If you are doing a pub crawl make it from ashton lane, stopping at brel, vodka wodka, jinty mcgintys, the ubiquitous chip, then buddha on cresswell lane, booly mardys on vinicombe street for a cocktail for the lady and then up to Oran Mor at the junction of byres road and great western road - that will do you for a day. In terms of food on that route you will have passed some great curry shops and seeing as Glasgow is the UKs curry capital - if you dont fancy that then the bothy is to be recommended for hearty scots scran. Stay near there and you can get up in the morning and have a lovely walk in the botanics!
Stay away from the Barras. In fact stay away from the east-end of the city (it's a shit-hole) unless you want to take photos and then produce them to your soft Embru set to prove how adventurous you are.
It depends on what you're doing. Buchanan Street will keep her happy if she wants to shop, particularly Buchanan Galleries, the Argyll Arcade (it's full of jewellers so DON'T GO NEAR IT IF YOU THINK SHE'LL START HEARING WEDDING BELLS!!!) and Prince's Square and there are U-bahn stations at top and bottom of the street. There's also a Tisos if you fancy a distraction for yourself. Sauchiehall Street has some good shops and restaurants but it's getting a bit pikey for my liking. If you want dim sum, then the Loon Fung at its Charing Cross end is the place to go. There's also China Blue on Renfield Street or Rumours on Bath Street which both do great Malaysian Chinese food.

If you twisted my arm, I'd have to say the West End, though. Apart from an amazing collection of museums (Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, Transport Museum, Glasgow University's Hunterian Collections are all within minutes walk of each other) and the shops, bars and restaurants around Byres Road are amongst the best in the city. Mother India's Cafe is just opposite the KM&AG and serves a mean curry, Stravaigin just off Byres Road does great fine dining and there's one on Gibson Street as well.
chickadee said:
Cuddles - Cafe Andaluz. Food is brilliant, and there's one in the west end too, Cresswell Lane.
That's the one china. I don't go a bundle on fish but they did sea-bass there that was to die for and their wine list rocks. In fact I cannot wait for the next Six Nations...we stay at City Inn in Glasgow and get the train down to Embro. Glasgow hotels don't double their prices during the 6N and the food at the City Inn is monster too.
Re the Botanic Gardens if you are so inclined there is a good Orchid Fair on this weekend and it looks like the weather will be great.
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