Weekend at Wallop!!!



Thats us just arrived home now in Scotland after an amazing weekend. Here is a quick breakdown. Sorry if its a bit dry

Sunday, met my police 4x4 and driven offroad , and making other drivers nerous before being taken to the AAC museum. The police officer gave my son a bag of goodies, incuding an RAF hat, him and Flashy..game on.
We had a great tour of the museum, but we cut it short as his eyes were bit sore from the sun and he was tired.

Next day his moral corruption started as we were picked up not only by MDN , but by Aunty Stella and within 2 minutes he was in hysterics , listening to them.
He thought he was going to the base to pick up Sgt Slingsby, then go to an RAf base to sit in a cockpit for 5 minutes, but we spent the first hour and a half going round all of the hangars meeting everyone, then we were taken over to see Apaches on the pad, he could barely see them until an instructor came out and gave him a guided tour and he got to sit in one and be filmed so he was over the moon. We all fancied a sit in but there are size limits it appears!!

After lunch when he realised, after watching MDN and Aunty Stella that all sodiers are really children, and when he stopped laughing, we went back to see Flashy, and al he said was " Who wants to go flying?" Not only that , but he got a flying suit and gloves as well to wear , and he never stopped smiling for the whole flight. Cant say to much but it was exciting!!

When we came back he was prsented with posters, pics, DVD,s and lots of other things , and that when i really lost it and had to leave, it makes me cry thinking about it. Thanks never seems enough and he is sad that he never got a pic with all 3 of them, and MDN and Aunty had to leave to help others too. I dont think many people on the site realise the good work MDN and others do , but thats all i'll say.

The end of the day was just a huge surprise too as he spent over an hour in the real Apache simulator and shown round the training area.
As he walked up the stairs on his own, 2 young pilots came out and saw him and were saying to each other " no way" " but thats a real suit" " no chance" he felt 10 ft tall!!

We were then driven to the station by an ex RSM and he wore his flightsuit all the way to the hotel, where he got a few strange looks from the desk clerk who was of Middle Eastern Extraction!!

On the train home he was still wearing his flightsuit and using any excuse to walk up and down. He has a huge amount of confidence now as he feels part of the service family, and feel safe in a lots of big brothers way!! He feels athat no matter what happens now, he has people to turn to and not just his famuily, so mexpect lots of calls on here to beat up people!!!!

My only concern is tha since wearing the Flightsuit he can smell a Ginsters pastie at 200m, is this normal?

Thanks isnt enough for what has been done for him, but its al i can offer, he loved meeting all 3 of you and hasnt stopped taking about it.

He is really sad that he never got a pic of all 3 of you together with him and that he never did his bit with Sgt Slingsby. I have a few pics on the train with the little bear.

There are a lot of people that do a lot of good on here. Im off for a blub!!



Bloody good job chaps, I didn't once complain about members of the whirlybird master race flying over the house all weekend.
syledis, it was an absolute pleasure, mate. It certainly made my day seeing the pair of you enjoying yourselves so much.


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syledis said:
He is really sad that he never got a pic of all 3 of you together with him

I can fix that. If I can have pictures of the individuals; merging them with one background is pretty straightforward.
Absolutely outstanding, just brilliant.

It`s like Jim`ll fix it on AAC goodness steroids :p

To all involved, a credit to ARRSE and the nation.

PS, the ten year old in me (just below the surface) is deeply, deeply jealous.


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Nice one chaps - nice one.
Methinks that this thread should not be on page 2 in the NAAFI having read the first post.

No. No, you guys don't need to hear what a wonderful thing you just did for the lad. Good on ya!

But you are still a bunch of teenage wanna be's delinquent buggers and arrseholes who made me use one of my ten stand by tesco value tissues when I read that first post! damn the lot of ya :wink:

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