weekend 3

Desborough said:
im on my weekend three this saturday.

Just a heads up on what will i be doing?

cheers lads
I bet you a new 20p you will be doing 1.5 mile run and some push ups :D

Don't you get a break down of what you do on weekends any more with your kit lists?
Check your pm s

It really bugs me that units dont pass this info on, I know for a fact we attach the CTP to the joining instructions that get sent and am damn sure the other RTCs do as well.What RTC are you at?
As each RTC runs a slightly different TSC(A) course it is hard to say exactly what you will be doing when, but as a good guide, you will be doing Rifle Lessons 6 and 7 pluss Practice period 2, plenty of PT, Drill, Values and standards and Mil Law.
If your RTC does not give you a programme, which they should, then your unit can get a copy of the suggested programme from ITG, your recruiting team at your unit should be able to help.
ITG's idea is that all RTCs follow the same w/e content this allows for a SUT to move from one ITW to another for whatever reason and not lose out on any training.

The w/e content is laid down by ITG and must be followed however it can be any order solong as they, ITG, have approved it.
I've just finished my weekend 6 and I know for sure we were handed a 6 week schedule. Weekend 3 was the SAA lessons and some PT. But as I was leaving I know the schedule had changed!!


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Desborough, have fun at Strensall. Just got back from there and miss the PT part of things already.

As has been said before, just take all of your kit. It's easier that way.

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