Week in Croatia - islands?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by count_duckula, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Really keen to explore the islands in Croatia this summer, any ideas? Seen some piccies and the idea of crystal-clear waters at low expense sounds brill. Does anyone know the best way to get there as well, bit short of ideas on that front? I have however heard that buses from the airport and ferries are the way to do it, can anyone confirm that?
  2. Ferries to the islands are from Split, Rijeka, Zadar, & Dubrovnik. PM me as I have ferry timetables for Jadrolinija ferries.
  3. A word of warning: Croatia is no longer cheap! Cheaper than North Italy, but not cheap in absolute terms...

    I have a couple of offices in Croatia and a friend owns a few developments (marinas mainly) on the coast (if you have a 50m gin palace then I'll introduce you, if not then avoid as he rips people off!). They can give good advice about where to go. Also my manager in Poland is a bit of sailing freak and spends each summer with the money he has embezzled from me sailing around the Croatian islands.

    Do you have your own boat or do you need a rental, or were you planning on traipsing around by foot and ferry?

    Drop me a PM and I'll see if my contacts can help you and your wallet!


    PS Was very serious about Croatia no longer being cheap!
  4. Brac (bratch), is a lovely island, spent a week there in the crystal clear waters, mountains and loved it!
  5. Yep Croatia is expensive. The exchange rate 4 years ago was 12 Kunas to £1, now it's more like 8.5 to £1. You can get ferries from Pula to Zadar and then on to the south with Emsav's help. Easyjet fly to Zagreb cheap, however, traveling then on to the coast isn't cheap and be warned, in July the temp was up to 40C in the shade. Then it rained a week later!
    I've noticed it's mostly accomodation that is very expensive, some apartments can set you back Euro 100.00 per night and car hire is expensive (around £25 per day if booking in UK or at the airport). Ferries are cheap, but then there's accomodation. Where are you thinking of going? North, around Pula / Istra and down, or South Around Split and Dubrovnik?
  6. There are a series of islands accessible from Sibenik aswell. You may find prices are less expensive from there (although I've not been there since 95 so Dread's warning may be worth heeding)
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Which islands are you visiting, there's stacks of them! We're off there for three weeks in Sep (wife is a Croat) and after Istria we plonk ourselves in Novalja on Pag. Not the prettiest of towns by a long stretch but her pa has a holiday apartment there so cheap holidays all round.

    Give us an idea of where you want to go and we'll try and help out.
  8. Fly direct to Split, get the bus or walk down to Trogir and get a boat across to either Hvar or Brac.

    You've arrived in heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheap food & drink.

    I've done it twice since being posted out there in 1995.
  9. There are some good perks to a Croat wife! But saying that, my in-laws are out about 80km from Zagreb and NOT in the Istra direction! But wife has a cousin in Pula, so not all that bad. She's off again in Sept, but I'm not, mainly beause after 2 trips this year already my brain can't cope with the language! I do speak some, but as you would know, it's a bit more advance than just holiday talk with the in-laws!

    Enjoy the trip!
  10. The girlfriend and I are off to Hvar at the end of August. Not cheap per se, we have a bijou cottage for £500 for a week, from Owners Direct (Brits) which I though was ok, though the flight for me is £700, from Aberdeen to Split, which made me blink a bit, even booking well in advance, trying to avoid too many changes and coincide with her flight in from the Ukraine, but still. Choosing that sort of directly owned place means that I can request chaqmpagne on arrival (!), but also get picked up from the ferry latish in the evening by the owners, which is nice. And they are tied into the locals so know what's what.

    What I am looking for is an outfit that does a day cruise around the islands - personally I would like to visit the old naval base at Vis and some of the Wellingtonian forts, and she can get her request for a small cruise too.

    And I want a romantic restaurant for on evening. That's the main thing.
  11. Good point that Captaincalamity has reminded me of - the "High" season there finishes usually around the end of August, my wife's cousin thought it's usually about the 23rd of similar, but I'm sure there's a few on the site with closer links to knowledge and timings.
  12. After some more digging Croatia is going to exceed our rather crummy budget, which is a real shame. Island-hopping would've been brill, although more planning would've been necessary. Thanks to everyone who contributed, having read P_G's post this is still one of the areas where the site is bloody useful.
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    What perks are those then?! My in-laws are in Ogulin, quite a pretty town although I get gawped at when I open my chops as anyone other than a Croat is a complete enigma to them. Actually, Zagreb's much the same. With you on the lingo front, what a nightmare. I can get by in restaurants, trams, bars and all the rest of it but anything more than that and I'm completely screwed. Meeting up with said in-laws reduces me to a grinning loon in the corner as I just can't keep up!

    I love Istria, I just wish I could afford some of the ball-achingly stunning properties around there. I'd kill for a place in Groznjan and am seriously toying of saving every single possible penny I can before I leave the mob in two years time to do just that. We shall see! Pula's a funny old place, loved bits of it, didn't much like others. Found a cracking restaurant to scoff in - Kantina - well worth a try if you haven't been there yet!

    Roll on Sep!