week 6 of training... what happens... as for tests..

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikerchic, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. hi all, dont know if any of you remember me, funny after reading some of the newbies goin on ther selection tthinkin wow, i was like that wantin to know every thing, worried to what was goin to happen, scared of it all, well now im comin up to my week 5, and i must say, didnt think i would get this far.... its been hard but great fun tho... ok, the reason why im here is, as you know week 6 is the test wk wnd... and i was wonderin if you could fill me in on maybe some of the things that will happen, i know it the weapon handling an drills, nsps an function test, first aid.. and stuff like that, was wonderin if im missin anything....

    thanks guys.....xx
  2. Punctuation and correct grammar !

    That's what you appear to be missing.
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  3. Well, thank you kindly for pointing out my bad points, I hope my wit and humour wins one over ... ha ha ha sod tha, heheheheh I know I can't spell, and my grammar is pants, but thank you for that polar.... xx
  4. I think its weapon handling, CBRN, Nav., PFT and BCD
  5. think weekend 6 is Gas chamber time :D Dont quote me just trying to remember what week the other guys from my unit were on at the weekend :)
  6. Think its called a Respirator Testing Chamber?
  7. W/e 6 for OA&S consists of formative testing on CBRN, BCD and Nav a WHT as well as Confidence in kit/respirator in the CTF/RTF/whatever its called this week, as well as normal lessons, your testing should take place on the Sunday.

    Good to hear you are still enjoying it.
  8. Mate dont be worried at all.
    Saturday is basically a doss around do feck all, except for last thing when you go and have a play with CS gas :)
    Sunday tests are:

    Map reading - If you fail, you get the answers and redo it
    CBRN test - Same as above
    BCD - 3 quarter prone position and the ability to read the aide memouir is all thats needed
    Weapons handling test - Strip it down, answer questions on what you would do to the weapon in hot/sandy/wet/artic etc conditions, re assemble, function test, mag filling in under 75 seconds and stopage drills.

    Jobs a good un :)
  9. Karl what RTC did you attend? because they are failing the SUT if they give the answers!

    As to BCD it's a little more than reading the memoire and 3/4 prone, the application of a FFD etc,
    They are formative tests to see if you are capable of going onto the next stage. If you are not then they are just setting you up to fail the next phase.
  10. i know it the weapon handling an drills, nsps an function test,

    Hhhmmm well i think i will be the judge of that.

    Joke joke. Don't panick and stay calm it will all be fine. You have been taught all you need to know, and you have the hand out to refer to in the meantime. :D
  11. well, today is the day... im leavin for my 6th weekend.... wow... i remember comin on here and bein worried bout what will happen an now im here near the end... get thru this then im on my way to my 2wks in granthem,,,, 2nd may... all booked... well im full of nerves an excitment... beeen praticing nsp"s bcd"s and cbrn... carnt wait to get to camp tonite to see my troop... funny, its the last time ill see them as we are all from different places.... but i must say this has been the best time of my life so far..... and i know it will get better... will tell you if i pass..... xxxx
  12. well,,,, guys i passed ... now for may... for my 2wks.... which will be in may...

    but man i hurt today... i gave it all and i did it.............

    wow... what a weekend it was.........................
  13. Congratulations, Bikerchic.

    To lose the aches and pains, have a hot bath and several beers to relax. Brufen helps if you are at work...

  14. Congrats.

    I still have until June before I get to that weekend (12 days before weekend number one for me).
  15. im at work... an im tryin to get thru the day.... but im still smilin..lol... will be havin loads of beer later.... an chill out...

    ian1983, were you goin then....

    and thanks for the congrats... really nice of you... thanks...