Week 1, TA Training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by canna5, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. I know this slightly boring but,

    I haven't been given plan of what we do on each week. So for your 1st wkd after RSW, what do you do?
  2. Practice quick draw hand gun moves in a mirror.
  3. It seems it's been changed now - One of the new recruits at my unit was on his first weekend in uniform on this weekend just gone. He said it was all field work, with some skill at arms.

    Just incase this is not the case for other RTC's though, what used to be your first weekend was the following:

    Welcome talk
    Security brief
    Drill (Quite a bit)
    Skill At Arms
    PT lesson (then on the sunday morning doing the RRR again)
  4. Fitness
    Weapon training
    Combat camping
  5. Polishing Boots
    Polishing Floors
    Ironing kit
    Painting grass green
    Painting coal black
    Brigade Estimates
  6. I seem to remember my TA training was something like the following (roughly)...

    each was a weekend, 2 weeks apart.

    TAFS1: Everything you need to know about the fact you've just made the best and worst decision of your life.
    TAFS2: Useful stuff about Laws of Armed Conflict, Basic Map & Compass, a foresight into training.

    RT1: Weapons. Just Weapons. Maybe a touch of Drill. More Weapons. Drinking. Fighting. Bed. More Weapons.
    RT2: Weapons, Weapon Handling Tests, 25m + 100m Ranges.
    RT3: Battlefield Casualty Drills. Map and Compass. Basic Field Formations and Reaction to Effective Enemy Fire.
    RT4: First Field Weekend. Tab to location, do some section attacks, put up bashas, do an ambush, patrols etc.
    RT5: CBRN galore. Saturday all dry training then Sunday in the gas chamber...
    RT6: Shooting Pt 2. Day 1: 100, 200, 300, 400m Ranges. LSW. Ressie Shoot. Day 2: APWT.
    RT7: Second Field Weekend. Tab to location, more section attacks and fighting. Also lessons on section weapons, pyro, etc. Day 2 begins with CFT (did it in August, was a bit evil) back to Camp. Drill practice. Admin, Pass Out Parade, Piss Up whilst RT1 students clean the bathrooms (which you conveniently make a mess like the RT7's did when you were an RT1 student!)

    Every weekend is helped along by a healthy dosage of gradually worsening PT, and a bit of drill. And a random classroom lesson. The Friday nights are usually a bit bone with just admin and the same old fire brief. Saturday evening generally involves a lot of drinking, a fair bit of drunkness, probably a fight or two (everyone else's entertainment) or alternatively urinating in somebody (usually the regimental mong)'s bed / bergen / sleeping bag / water bottle etc.

    I thought I'd be honest....
  7. I was on Phase 1 weekend one last week, at malta barracks, Schedule was

    opening address
    Values and standards presentation
    health and safety vid
    Gym PT followed by 1.5 miler. Infantry to complete in 13 mins, other arms 14mins
    CEFO packing
    Cooking in the field instruction
    FIeld work, constructing shelter, rifle lesson, maintaining equipment, cook your own rations, hygiene in the field.
    Intro to night training (wow it's dark, look you can't see much :roll: )
    personal kit and security (I think we skipped this bit and the PTI's gave us some fun and games for bonding / their amusement) :)

    Cook your own breakfast
    hygiene inspection
    PT (another 1.5 miler and PFT)
    skill at arms
    block jobs
    Back to barracks to clean weapons

    Any questions PM me
  8. Stretchrgj, your way out of date mate.
    The new TSC (Trained Soldiers Course) is being rolled out across the RTC's as we speak, some have started, some haven't. The first weekend will look something like Tough-Guys post above. Expect it to weed out the weak early on!!
  9. Oops... it was a while ago...

    How you finding Malta Barracks mr tough_guy?? i believe it's been refurbished since our days there....
  10. Refurbished huh, you wouldn't know to look at it :D

    But it does the job, as long as you take your own bog roll.
  11. oh you would... i went back there and saw the change!

    the cookhouse wasn't quite so fancy for a start. however it must be seen as amusing how they were given loads of money to improve the accom, all that improves is the cookhouse and the offices!!

    the bunkbeds are a bit fancier now mind. when we started there you had to lie flat on them, you couldn't sit as you'd end up with you arrse on the floor (Regardless of being on top of bottom!)
  12. The cook house is ok, but they still use it for presentations ect. aswell but the bunks are still around from when the barracks was made (Apparently).

    Atleast they've made a barn like thing outside so you can all pack your bergans and webbing the same way.
  13. The cookhouse was a priority,, so thats where £ was spent. The bunks are mostly new.

    Sorry to be dull.