Wee Caron dies


Caron Keating

Born: 5th October 1963 - died: 13th April 2004

RIP Caron :cry:
She placed very highly on my dream stabbing list when I were a nipper.

What a bloody shame :cry:
She was deffinatly a Yummy Mummy. And it is actually nice to see that she did not parade her illness like many other celebrities do.
Not bad for a boggy.
Yes I agree it is sad.

She was however fighting a battle she had no choice but to fight.

Look at the coverage this is getting.

Soldiers/Policemen get killed/seriously injured in Iraq/Northern Ireland.

They choose to defend society.

Two seconds on the news (if it makes the news at all).

Puts life into perspective...................


P.S. Fabrizio Quattrocchi was a brave man.

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