Wee angry ex-squaddie on Jeremy Kyle

Not even I watch Jeremy Kyle.
Even if I did not have a job or was otherwise disengaged, never ever under any circumstance would I watch that shite, get a job lads (&lasses)!


I put it on after seeing a fb post drawing my attention to the scrutty locals! It's like a car crash, one can't help but look.

I'm tossing it off waiting for the BT man to turn up - any time between 8am and 6pm.....


You were doing what??!
wasting time... I could move furniture and do some baking, however it is far too early on a monday morning and I have already finished my excessive workload for the day...


He, the angry little scrote ex squaddie, when proven to be a liar liar primark pants on fire, answered with the time old cliche "I didn't take no stick from the orficers and I ain't taking no stick from civvies" before turning on his heels and legging it. I would hazard a guess he was a typical rear echleon knobber who always had to have a fag or make a brew when any sort of work needed doing.
If you want to see him again the show is repeated twice more today, eh so I'm told.
Sorry, misread the title, i expected to see a thread on "Angry Squaddies wee's on Jeremy Kyle" ?? my bad!! although even i would have put the telly on for that scenario!! i would be better if it read, "Angry Squaddie pours petrol on Jeremy Kyle and flicks matches at him".

Life's great on my planet!
Had a look at the repeat, he fucking reeks of TA with his pigeon like features and foul dress sense.
Ahh, not just me who is thinking the same.

I do recall an episode of Jeremey Kyle, aired last year, which featured a TA bloke with anger issues. He broke down in tears because his wife didn't let him play football on a Sunday anymore!

The embarassment factor was magnified to the power of ten because his missus was a moon pig.
aww but i love watching jezza, its one of the few highlights to an average boring day shining my arse, besides 90% of the time its pikeys fighting about who thieved off the granny;
"that not being right it aint jezza, i might o thived but neva took off my own jezza it just aint right it aint"

is hte useuall line those self obsessed fuckwits use, that of its some moron who "just loves him even though he's a cnut"

that shit really brightens my day up when news 24 is only rehashing over stale crap to do with political reform that will never happpen, of ocurse theres a lot of boring episodes as well so i just ignore those and chat with the wife over some tea n biscuits whiolst fretting about what the next brown envelope will contain, its been nothing but a roller coaster the last 12 months of fun letters and what hoops i need to jump through next!
Every one of you take your own squalid fucking lives immediately
and deprive my kids of proper parenting not a friggin chance

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