Wee angry ex-squaddie on Jeremy Kyle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyl, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. billyl

    billyl Clanker

    That wee dude was funny
  2. Barbarella

    Barbarella Guest

    what a delightful character he was!
  3. You admit to watching that guff?
  4. Not even I watch Jeremy Kyle.
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  5. viceroy

    viceroy LE

    Even if I did not have a job or was otherwise disengaged, never ever under any circumstance would I watch that shite, get a job lads (&lasses)!
  6. Barbarella

    Barbarella Guest

    I put it on after seeing a fb post drawing my attention to the scrutty locals! It's like a car crash, one can't help but look.

    I'm tossing it off waiting for the BT man to turn up - any time between 8am and 6pm.....
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  7. billyl

    billyl Clanker

    A was feeding ma baby and couldn't get to the remote. That's ma excuse
  8. Katy

    Katy Old-Salt

    You were doing what??!
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  9. Barbarella

    Barbarella Guest

    wasting time... I could move furniture and do some baking, however it is far too early on a monday morning and I have already finished my excessive workload for the day...
  10. renamed_user

    renamed_user Guest

    He, the angry little scrote ex squaddie, when proven to be a liar liar primark pants on fire, answered with the time old cliche "I didn't take no stick from the orficers and I ain't taking no stick from civvies" before turning on his heels and legging it. I would hazard a guess he was a typical rear echleon knobber who always had to have a fag or make a brew when any sort of work needed doing.
    If you want to see him again the show is repeated twice more today, eh so I'm told.
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  11. Not seen it.Did someone point out why the box of OMO was on the window cill?
  12. And have you video'd said 'Tossing Off'? Curious of Lancashire.
  13. King_Chimp

    King_Chimp Old-Salt

    Sorry, misread the title, i expected to see a thread on "Angry Squaddies wee's on Jeremy Kyle" ?? my bad!! although even i would have put the telly on for that scenario!! i would be better if it read, "Angry Squaddie pours petrol on Jeremy Kyle and flicks matches at him".

    Life's great on my planet!
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  14. bolo beret

    bolo beret Old-Salt

    Was he a Warrant Officer in The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment? It sounds like he was?
  15. Had a look at the repeat, he fucking reeks of TA with his pigeon like features and foul dress sense.