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Hey, i was wandering why you guys are called Wedgehead....

I have heard that it is because they used the heads of Dead Gunners to chock the guns or something....

The version I heard was that, in the Gunner's opinion, all Sappers were useful for in the Great War was to chock their guns. All part of the great RA / RE banter...except they really DID get their white lanyard for being cowardly b@stards :wink:
I think the use of the word Wedges or Wedge heads goes back to a time when the Sappers surveyed the ground and going, drew sketches and relief maps for the Commanders and informed them where best to use the assets at their disposal.
Once the command decision was made the Sappers would then prepare the Battle Ground with Fortifications, Field Defences and Artillery Positions.
They would also build the infrastructure for horse and troops to be able to fed, accommodated and maintain the line of communication back to HQ (sound familiar, same old etc)
Wedges are easy to make and rather than carry a huge jack around they were used to put or wedge a piece of Equipment, Field Machine, Bridge part or land based Artillery into the final position and the wedges were then pinned fast.
On an Artillery Battery gun line,(not light Arty) taking into account the size, weight and range of the Guns, the Sappers would Survey and set out the gun positions with the aid of a level and use a pace stick to measure between guns as they need room for ammo and thick wide planks.
As mentioned to get the guns in the final position a series of block and tackle, levers and wedges were needed to move the great weight of the guns/cannons.
As with all nearly finished jobs the customer comes onto site and would only see the final adjustments being made and they would hear and see the Sappers "Wedging" with the "Head Wedge" in charge. ( a total p$ss take of course)
What they wouldn't see was the Herculean Effort undertaken by the Sappers to get the Cannons in place, Roadbuilding, blasting, anchor holdfast rings and developing the position as seen on a Gibraltar Battery below.

The other remnant of "Wedge" was the size of our Berets as we were one of the last Corps to get the nice wee one,
looney said:
I think you missed the point of "Wedge"
=Military. (formerly) a tactical formation generally in the form of a V with the point toward the enemy with an Assualt/Breach party led by Sappers.

Your "wedge" looks more like a tooth, a blue tooth, Oh I get it now :D
sapperbraindead said:
Very enlightening MacSapper,but confused over one point.Were the thick,wide planks you referred to Gunners or Plantys? :? :slow:
Well spotted SBD :D
We call dods of wood dunnage, I didn't want to confuse non Sapper types and I didn't want to upset the Goonars by explaining that the "Planks" were the bodies of their dead comrades that they used after counter Battery fire and placed as planks under the Gun wheels to stop the guns bogging in.

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