Discussion in 'Officers' started by spearmint_rhino, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. I have the delight of seeing a good friend getting married. Dress for the occassion Blues with swords. Alas I have neither. No.2's not worn as an alternative. According to etiquette would a pin stripped suit be out of the question? Or do I have to be educated further in the ways of officership, having been dragged up on a council estate.

  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Wear a black morning suit coat; grey, fawn or 'fancy' waistcoat; and 'spongebag' trousers with a white shirt and regimental tie, and highly polished black shoes. You can hire the suit for the day from somewhere like Youngs or Moss Bros, or do what I did: buy a second hand one from Oxfam and get it tailored to fit you properly. In total, this cost me about £40 and I've probably worn it to 20-30 weddings since then. If I was really being snobby, I would suggest that getting married in uniform is a bit naff but I'm not, so I won't.
  3. Bertie Woosters in London ( do very good second hand morning coats - I bought mine from there for a hundred quid and it is absolutely bomb proof. They'll even alter it for you.

    I personally think that a Regtl Tie is a bit chav. A silver and black houndstooth silk tie from somewhere like Lewins or Hackett is much better, especially if you wear it with a light blue shirt - every other fcuker will be wearing a white shirt and they're SOOOO boring. Fawn linen double breasted waistcoat is the business.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Bertie Wooster's is closing down (edited to add - so I'm told, I was in there a couple of weeks back and it looked pretty grim and there was s0d-all worthwhile secondhand stock)... and as for regimental ties being a bit 'chav' - do you want me to set my matching set of hand-tooled pit-bulls with the gold inlaid teeth on you? :lol:
  5. Nice beige linen suit, blue open collar shirt and moccasins. Make a statement.

    On a serious note, does the best man know you're not in blues? It may affect guard of honour arrangements.

    Also, if you are considering buying/hiring a morning suit, why not buy/hire blues?
  6. whilst wearing blues maybe considered chippy in some quarters, notably the 'posh' regiments, it looks fecking smart and impresses all-and-sundry.

    More importantly, if you're a singly with a few gongs, nothings gonna get you instant trapability with the chicks than you in your blues & brass.... if its the type of wedding where you have to buy drinks, i guarantee you won't put your hand in yer pocket all night if you stick with the middle class, middle england over 50s who can't wait to get you a beer. beer and ahigh chance of trapping - is there any other choice???
  7. RHQ/Corps HQ tailors often keep a stock of No1 Dress for just this sort of thing. If you're within striking distance of any of the major garrisons the on site tailors shops will sort you out for a slack handful of notes. Wear the rig and exploit the opportunity to the full!
  8. See the 'Dapper clothing' thread.

    In the matter of wedding clothes, it is for the bride and groom to decide what the dress for the ceremony will be. It would be extremely ill-mannered to just turn up in some other form of dress without consulting them.

    As an example, some years ago I was faced with the prospect of a powder-blue morning suit at the Dallas wedding of a cousin. As the dread day loomed, I came to understand why Samurai would rather commit seppuku than suffer shame. The application of considerable tact and diplomacy resulted in my task being changed from 'groomsman' to usher, in dark lounge suit.
  9. Wearing blues to weddings was very fashionable in the eighties - one summer I went to about six! The high point was attending one in Windsor, after which we went out on the lash. Got spotted by a very bored ice-cream sundae, or cornet, whatever, from the Blues and Royals who promptly dragged us off to his mess. We made a substantial hole in their "mess guests" (champagne what else), had a bonzer time and got invited back for two or three other expensive but very enjoyable social events afterwards.

    As for morning suits and haberdashery. Wear whatever you like as long as it is nice. Except don't, please,please, please wear a white collared, pastel coloured shirt. You will look like a konb or even worse the model from the Pakenham Catto and Carter catalogue!!
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Glovers in aldershot will rent full blues, tailored, correctly badged and ribboned for about £100 for the weekend. Prices 2 years old, but well worth the effort if that is what the groom (or more importantly bride) wants you to wear.

  11. or open an account with them, £50 a month...a new jacket will cost around £'re sure to wear it again
  12. Pretty sure your RHQ will have a stock of Blues and Swords for you to be able to use, I know ours does. Give them a bell, it would be a shame not to be able to dress up with the rest of your muckers.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    You are well out of date. Try £700!

    Edited to add, I have worn mine once, but several others have also enjoyed the benefits!
  14. Duke, can you give us a number of web site for that company, done a search in Google but cant find it.