Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by target_stop, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Not sure why this belongs here, but it feels right.

    At a miltaty wedding( Man getting married and best man are serving) are their any traditions or etiquette. Especially for the best man.

    This is not the NAAFI.
  2. When you say "military wedding", do you mean such as prince whotsisname and his bird will be having? Or is it a wedding conducted by a Padre (perhaps a gay one who has recently been taught how to use an iron) in a garrison church? Or is it just that two blokes who happen to be serving soldiers will attend a wedding, one to get wed the other to take the mickey and service the bridesmaids / bride?
  3. 3rd option, i am best man and i want to finger what i can. Its a full blown wedding. He is marrying some bint who's family are well off. I am off a council estate in has disaster written all over it.
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  4. Don't do yourself down. I also came from a council estate in Darnall, Sheffield, but I now carry the (honorary) rank of Colonel at times. Will you and the Groom be in blues/mess kit?
  5. He is in Blues doing the whole sword thing. But i will just be in 2s, I am 6,5 so i got laughed at when i asked my unit for Blues.
  6. And avaganda at this: Wedding Etiquette for the Duties of the Best Man |

    I have been married twice (NEVER AGAIN!!!) and can give you a few very good basic rules to follow if you are truly concerned about putting on a good performance for your mate in the face of the enemy (his fiancées family).

    1. You are responsible for getting the groom to the church on time and this means making sure that he doesn't get arrested the night before (nor you).
    2. Don't drink at the wedding reception other than the obligatory sips of champagne. Stories of the best man getting howling drunk and shagging the bridesmaids and the brides mum are great in the NAAFI bar, but such behaviour will be a source of embarrassment to the bride if no one else for the rest of the married couples lives. Later on the harridan will use it at every opportunity to beat your mate with. You can get as pissed as a handcart later with the brides father and her brothers.
    3. Remain polite and good humoured throughout. Be like a Royal Marine: polite but keep in your mind that you might have to kill them all afterwards.
    4. NO risque jokes - a sure way to piss off the brides mum.
    5. If you have to give a speech leave out all the embarrassing, "I remember that time in XXX" as this will also give the bride ammunition for the future.
    6. Speech: less than 1000 words and less than seven minutes duration. Keep it light, good humoured and complimentary. Finish it off with words something like .. and so, ladies and gentlemen, on this happiest of occasions, please charge your glasses and raise them to xxx and xxx in expectation of a long, happy and fruitfull marriage.

    Remember you are a squaddie. You can bullshit your way through this with ease.
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  7. Another good source of info about uniformed weddings will be your Padre. There are prolly some guidelines in QR's too, so have a word with your Sgtmajor.
  8. Totally perfect mate, I did suggest the pub before the wedding but reading that i might have to give it a miss!

    Thank you.
  9. You'd make a fantastic Master of Ceremony eodmatt. ;)

    And if you have to fall off the wagon with one of the bridesmaids - make sure it's not with the sister of the bride.
  10. I will have to put photos of the sister of the bride on here. She is ******* unreal, lucky bitch will sample my finest Squaddie two step.

  11. Thanks honey. Any chance of a shag?
  12. You smooth operator.
  13. Don't play hard to get now.
  14. How many continents are between us? It's going to take one helluva earthquake to move yours closer to mine!