Wedding Ruined by Bolting Nag

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Anyone thinking of a Horse and Carriage for their wedding, this might be for you. Turns out one poor Bride ended up in hospital but not apparently very seriously hurt, we hope. Let's hope the Bride is okay.

    Sky News carried the story here

    Not that it's funny, however ...
  2. I hope the horse is alright.
  3. Two years to plan a wedding, he's got to be the luckiest bloke alive. Who'd want to marry some tart that takes two years of your life planning the worst day of your life. At least he can bin her now she's going to have PTSD.
  4. 'Wedding Ruined by Bolting Nag'

    The bride-to-be absconded then?
  5. I am so glad you feel sorry for the bride
  6. I blame the father for being stupid, and flash enough to waste money on this sort of ostentacious nonsense. Bow locks to the lot of them. I speak from experience. Two years ago Mrs Trowel and Ms Trowel tried for months to get me to shell out and hire Marwell bloody zoo for Gods sake, for the wedding. No chance!
  7. My wedding went fine.

    Afterwards my life was ruined by a nag.

    So I bolted.
  8. Sounds like she was fine - until her father pushed her out of the carriage!
  9. The culprit, apparently

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