Discussion in 'Officers' started by red_phos, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon,

    Ok here goes, I commissioned into the AAC Friday just passed.

    I have been invited to a wedding and the bride has asked if I would go in my uniform.

    Now I would just say 'sorry no can do' because it would make my life much easier however the brides father who is ex services (national service days) and who is on deaths door (they've actually brought the wedding forward so he can make it!) has made quite a big deal of it and it would be very bad form if I did not turn up in my military dress.


    I haven't got a bloody clue how to wear my blues jacket. With Sam Brown, with sword, white gloves, brown gloves, no sword etc etc

    I must of missed that lecture in Woolwich hall!

    oh yeah and the wedding is tommorrow!


  2. In the book Apache there is a good photo ,no sword ,brown gloves, good enough for Buck house with SB, can't send pici as I am in the pub on my notebook
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Wear whatever you like, likely as not no-one else will know.

    And if they say anything just bluff: "We are not allowed to wear swords until we have passed pilot training" or whatever.

    What on earth did they teach you in the last 11 months?

  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    On the assumption that you aren't the best man or groom then you should be wearing leather(fnar, etc). This means blues jacket, mess kit trousers, wellies/george boots + spurs, sam browne, beret & leather gloves. If you wanted then you could add a sword, frog and brown scabbard to the ensemble.

    Don't forget to add wings and medals................................(in due course!!)

    Oh .................. and congratulations.
  5. Don't forget to speak to the gent who is wanting to see you in your rig,
  6. Red_Phos-

    Although this is for R Signals (I wore this rig for my Sister's wedding to my best mucker, who is a Matelot) then what you are after is No 1 Dress Non-Ceremonial (No1 Cermonial is for the Groom only). It should be along the following lines:

    Regimental head dress.
    Blues Tunic (with white stand-up collar attached).
    Plain white collarless shirt with plain gold cufflinks.
    Brown gloves.
    Wellington/George boots (with spurs if worn in AAC).
    Sam Browne with knot & sword.
    Medals if appropriate.

    Enjoy the day & pulling left, right & centre in your shiny rig!


    Captain Plume
  7. when did that go up we had the churchill hall which was a giant sleeping bag.

    where the general threw polo balls at your head.
  8. Don't lose any sleep over any of it - blues, leather, brown gloves, a smile and aim for the prettiest bridesmaid!

    Take a sword and frog - if it's appropriate wear it then get them to cut the cake with it - adds a certain dash to the photos.
  9. One of my smaller cousins did ask why they were using a sword & if they didn't have a knife...
  10. I trust you are asked your smaller cousin where her sister was?
  11. Asleep in her push-chair, you filthy perv!
  12. Even better then - no need to talk to her!!
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Bad CO has it right.

    Your old unit always wears the sword frog whether sword worn or not, not idea about AAC though.

    Wings gold and shiny worn with pride, ditto gong.

    Oh, and scorch marks are optional for you.

    Well done, BTW.

  14. Many thanks for the replies.

    I now just have to find my sam browne (still in fully packed car on drive way) and then bull it up....oh the joys of late night bulling havent left me yet!

    This another really retarded question but with the sword, in Blues, do I use nickel scabbard or leather?

    Also I dont get changed into my mess kit for the evening function do I? (its in Perth so there will be reels late into the night)

    Again thanks for the steers

  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    With leathers, leather scabbard.

    None did at mine, just danced and got a sweat on!