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Hello all

Im getting married next year and was wondering if anyone on here knows of any wedding insurance providers that cover unexpected deployment?

Ive had a search of the big names on google and they all stop short at covering short notice tours, the weasels.

Everything is booked and if such a deployment happened it would cost me an horrendous amount of money. Im shortly starting a career course that will see me posted to one of three very busy Units, however there is no way of knowing which one until I complete the course, although I will be diligent in informing the relevant CoC of my wedding date. My boss opined that nobody would be that much of an utter shitecunt to ruin my wedding and cost me thousands of pounds, but Im not leaving anything to chance.


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Get the insurance. I planed my wedding two years ahead based on the Carrier Strike Group battlestaff being in the UK and able to take leave. SDSR arrived and that unit folded. My new job was a secure policy job at NCHQ for two years. Perfect keep the date and all is well. 3 months before getting married I got pier head jumped to an OPTOUR with a joining date 5 days after I got married. One week before I got married I was informed that the RAF had brought my departure date forward to the Monday because they couldn't get me on a plane. So get married on the Sat and go to Brieze Sunday. In the end I paid my own way out to the OPTOUR but it was a close run thing. And I am not some junior sprog.

Don't assume anything - get the insurance.
It's worth the cost get it.
Many moons ago I was on tour in Belize wedding all planned etc.
Arrived back in UK on a Friday and told that I was deploying on the Sunday to Belfast needles to say Frau number one was not happy we managed a special licence at the registry office for the saterday thanks to a switched on families officer lots of cash lost.
Strangley enough the Frau did not take kindly to being messed about and promptly legged it after emptying the accounts and flogging every thing I owned.
I even ended up paying 18 years maintenance for a sprog alas it was before DNA testing.
Two years ago I found out that I had a couple of thing wrong with me that will shorten my life so being a caring chap I tracked down the sprog and told him to get his asse to the docs for a blood test as one of the things is heridatary turns out the twat is not mine.
If you pop over to rear party and ask them there are a few people who know the best companies for wedding insurance.
You're a gentleman and scholar!

I found this lot on a similar thread on RP and they will cover cancellation of leave for the wedding day, crucially this includes short notice tours. This was confirmed by their customer services department and they stated proof would be needed of leave granted for the wedding date.

I echo the previous posters saying leave nothing to chance! Dont let work ruin you day and cost you thousands!

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