wedding insurance - please help

hello all,

just wondering if anyone can offer any useful advice, my good lady and I are getting married next April. I'm Para Reg and with the ever changing operational forecast we are concerned about insurance for the big day and the honeymoon. All the insurance companies so far have told us we will not be covered should I go away on ops rather than exercise and the wedding is postponed. Can anyone offer any advice? We are also struggling to find an insurer for the honeymoon. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Andy
I had the same problem earlier this year... i was getting married abroad. got my honeymoon insurance from 'insure and go' they cover military op's!

i too couldnt find wedding insurance so in the end had to just keep my fingers crossed that i wouldn't be sent anywhere.

sorry i can't help anymore. good luck and have a good one.
We used Event Insurance Services as they cover those in the forces.

We had to move our wedding date due to hubby being sent away and this meant claiming for a deposit we had paid to the photographer as they couldn't do the new date.

The company were really good and paid up with no problems. Only thing we had to do was get a letter to say we hadn't known about the tour when we booked.

On their website it says - The posting abroad of a serving member of the UK Armed Forces provided that a letter prior to inception of the policy can be produced, addressed by your commanding officer, stating that at the time of the wedding, a posting for you is not planned or foreseen.


blueinsure said:
My friend got her wedding insurance from, she was not sure in the beginning, it wasn't a bad deal though.
wow. digging up a three year old thread to post a poorly-concealed advert for Blue Insurance.

do you cover deployments or not? if not, we'll stick to MRL thanks. :roll:
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