Wedding first Dance

So lots of threads about songs for your funeral and I've that squared that away with "High way to Hell".
However, despite my forth coming muck up of agreeing to getting married soon the only thing I'm aloud to pick is the first dance.
My favourite so far is
Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills - YouTube
(for her not me)

After that a bit stuck, so despite being a new sTAb fresh to Arrse I'm going to open myself up to the barrage of possible YMCA / Gay Bar suggestions for some help.
I'm getting married this year too, mate. We've went with Better Together by Jack Johnstone which will then abruptly stop and become Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones because my missus thinks the billions of videos of cunts doing that on youtube are all hear say.

We're also having Gimme All Your Lovin by ZZ Top during the signing. Good fun etc
This one is so poignant and meaningful, there wont be a dry eye in the house.



Don't waste any time playing soppy shite, just skip straight to this and cut out all the pain :)


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