wedding ettiquette

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rigatron22, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. I need a little advice on wedding etiquette.

    I have been invited to a civilian wedding by two friends from school who are getting married (obviously). The bride has requested that I wear my uniform (blues). What's the deal with this? Am I allowed and do I need permission and if so, who from?

    Also, there is some chat about half-drawing my sword when the vicar asks if there's anyone who knows why these two may not be married etc. Is this only for military weddings?


    Copied from blogs (original entry) - post comments here.
  2. If the Bride has asked you too then it's OK - but try and check with the Groom too, he might have his own opinion (you'll steal some of his limelight!)

    You don't technically need permission but it would be wise to speak to your Adjutant/CO - and maybe write a letter asking permission.

    As for the sword bit - dunno - but some vicars aren't keen on swords in their shop.

  3. Members of the wedding party may wear swords in church. Never heard of the half-draw-McGraw thing though. Seems a good idea if either the groom or bride was a slapper!
  4. Write to your CO asking permission to wear blues. Bin the sword drawing idea - it will look rubbish.

  5. Agreed - it sounds gay as a row of pink tents...
  6. Take a shotgun instead, much better
  7. It could work I suppose, given the right uniform.


    PS Are you entitled to wear a sword?
  8. Swords can be pretty effective:

  9. In my SOI, the biggest wedding faux pas is failure to nail a bridesmaid, maid of honour or, at the very least, a member of the catering staff. For extra kudos, slipping one to Vicki the Vicar or Penny, the nag drawing the brides carriage, will elevate you to the rank of swordsman par excellence.
  10. You'd have been onto a loser at my wedding, two of the bridesmaids were under 5 years old and the third would have required climbing gear and loads of beer! That said there were several squaddies there so it is surprising that one of the dirty buggers didn't try to scuttle her.
  11. Don't forget to wear one rank up!
  12. Like what you did there. Make sure that Army Rizzle, the REME Field Marshall, VC and Bar, gets to read this. :D
  13. :D

  14. Out-fcuking-standing!
  15. I assume that's Dick's brother?

    As for the half drawn sword business- I've never been one for half measures me. Fully draw it, colour it in and frame it. Sorts the wedding prezzie problem!