Wedding Dress

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by goatbagthedruid, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Official news: it's White!

  2. ..........I think you may find it's ivory :)
  3. Whatever. As long as it doesn't clash with the kitchen appliances in her MQ.
  4. Beige, off-White, cream, bone.....

  5. Am sure she'll make an excellent officer's wife!
  6. If I was an hofficar, she would be acceptable.
  7. A magnolia wedding dress to match the MQ

    Now its whats under the dress that counts.
  8. Isn't it from Burton's?
  9. Don't be silly, its from Marks and Sparks of course
  10. And as we type,factories in China are producing exact copies,so some fat munter in Brentford/Wigan/MossSide/Gorbals can have her big day looking "just like" Kate did.
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  11. Or anyone who appears on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!
  12. You tit!

    I've just read this, and out of some deranged spark of curiosity, have turned on the telly to be confronted by some moon faced biffas in dresses, mumbling in foreign. She looks good though.
  13. I was mightily impressed by the bride's sister, showing off her fine-looking arse as she held the train on the walk up the aisle. That in itself was worth the hoopla of the wedding. Even republicans (*spits*) would be impressed with a fine pair of cheeks like that.
  14. She's wearing WHITE??? Virgin Walt.

    (Too Soon??)
  15. Had to be done really.

    Bridesmaid is good looking as well.