Wed be better off with Saddam still in charge!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LankyPullThrough, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. There is a provocative piece in today's Daily Mail by Correlli Barnett under that title (sorry: no web link as I still buy hard copies of newspapers...).

    His advice to Bush and Blair:

    'They must therefore now announce a firm schedule for liquidating our entanglement. In other words, the US and the UK should cease to make withdrawal dependent on the wishes of a spectral Iraqi government and take their own decision in their own direct national interest...'

    Sounded reasonable to me so far but then he continued:

    '...just as a previous British Labour government did in the case of India in 1946-47 and Palestine in 1947-48'.

    How many how many killed in the Partition of India and in a series of conflicts over Kasmir?
    Palestine....where do you start?

    Begs the question of whether a country should take a long- or short-term view of 'direct national interest' I suppose. Any comments?
  2. As Iraq is at the leading edge of the US's grand strategy in fighting terrorism what message does unilateral withdrawal send?
  3. More to the question: what message does unilateral invasions of sovereign countries send?

    In hindsight, Iraq and Indeed the world would be safer with Sadaam in charge of Iraq.Tough pill to swallow but nevertheless the truth.
  4. Wasn't there an MoD 'continuous attitude survey' that revealed that a great many Iraqis wanted the Man in Black back?

    Thousands in partition , it was one of Dad's favourite stories... "So there we were son , me aged 19 with a shiny new pip, 30 or so soldiers the same age as me, and a million hindus down one end of the street and a million muslims down the other. All you could do was let them get on with it"
  5. Now we are all well aquainted with the people who Saddam was trying to keep a lid on for so many years I can only say I admire his ability. Three years ago I thought his habit of feeding malcontents into treeshredders was rather uncouth, now however I regards it as inspired policing.

    He really understood his own people.
  6. I'm sure I said this the other day. Let's get him back, he'll sort it out!
  7. oh yes, obviously this particular group of people has to be gassed, massacred and tortured to be kept under control, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the complete false estimation and incompetence of the coalition. :roll:
  8. Quite. My now 85 year old father recalls what he described as rabid hordes gathering in side streets looking for an opportunity to tear him and his compadres limb from limb as they supported the Indian police "...the police fired over their heads, but the kept coming on. Eventually they shot straight into the crowd. It was the only message they understood."
  9. I think you fail to see the irony in Armchair's comments. By last estimation, only 660,000 have died since the 'liberation' of Iraq. Not sure how many Saddam was killing per year but I am sure it wasn't quite that as high as the current average.
  10. Now now, the Liberal press has been calling for proactive intervention for over thirty years in various nasty places, finally this doctrine of liberal invervention gets implemented and the Guardian and Independant complain!

    The Iraqis are not children Proper_Gander, they are actually very well educated by the standards of the region, a huge amount of the Chaos and vandalism over the past three year has been through self choice. Unless I am mistaken and it was the coalition looting away like good uns a couple of years ago. Or was that Haliburton - one gets confused.
  11. It was bloody blindingly obvious. Even a cursory glance at Arrse threads in the run up to invasi.....ooooops liberation , will reveal that 'ordinary' squaddies had a better handle on cause and effect than their lords and masters.

    The one American outside the immediate Military who did have a handle on cause and effect , was sacked for being 'off-message'
  12. and we all know what happened next...

    Cheers for this PTP, having met Jay Garner in 2003, the potted history is quite interesting!
  13. The US team to run and rebuild Iraq was selected ONLY for political loyalty, experience and ability were not relevant. A 24 year old Congressional Intern who voted Republican and was good at maths got the job of creating the Iraqi stock exchange - with predictable results. One Yank mouth breather I met in Kosovo (where he was a very junior USAID assistant) was put in charge of a $350 million Dollar budget in Iraq, with no track record whatsoever, due to his voting record. He tried hard, gosh darn hard but.....none of his old freinds he kept emailing had any experience either.
  14. Your quote above reads remarkably similar to a World Service broadcast I picked up a couple of weeks back. Do you have the full transcript, or is my memory failing me....? :)