Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Soldier_5, May 5, 2006.

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  1. No, never!

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  2. Yes, its great I own some!

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  1. I was asked by a friend if he thought it was worth spending more on issue type kit or wyvern or eqv, or cheaping out and buying webtex.
    So what do people think of it?
    Personally I would say no!
    I have one friend from cadets (now at another otc) who swears by it. Havent seen anyone at exeter wearing it.
  2. You get what you pay for cheap crap, stick to the issue kit. It maybe alright for cadet use but when your a cadet do you really need an assault vest answer no.
  3. have found webtex aint that cheap compared tothe genuine kit you can source on ebay. Bought a Web-Tex daysack and after 1 days heavy use it was wrecked, broken zip, hole appeared between the two pouches in the top flap and one of the straps was hanging by threads .
  4. That is preety much what I have seen before!
  5. With Karrimor/PRI, Arktis and CQC all within spitting distance of Exeter i am not surprised you don't see any webcrap about.
  6. My 2 cents...
    If looking for "alternative" kit to issue items (that you are, for starters, not issued with!) I have had good experiences with the Highlander brand.
    While not as "posh" (and certainly not bombproof) as Arktis, etc., it still has a good "quality/price" ratio (i.e. value).
    Haven't seen their new jungle vest though, although if the Nevis/Forces line of rucksacks is their standard of craftmanship and materiel, I think it would be better than WebTex
    Also heard that they were going to enter the "serious" market, with an IRR line of webbing. Haven't tested my crusty "forces 44" ruck with NVGs, though
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Miss spike bought me a Webtex Assault Vest for my birthday a while back.Not had any problem with it except the 2 large kidney pouches are too small to fit the issue waterbottle & mug.You have to extend the strap to it's limit to close it.
  8. Webtex is shiite, falls apart, not IRR and the pouches couldn't even house a penny....Never bought or had the webbing myself, but a few of the lads around the coy's have and lads telling me the same thing and actually seeing webbing in tatters aint good...Bad rep in the Infantry...

    Cadet stuff at best and if your doing any real work with webbing or what not, then you won't go far wrong with the issue stuff or Artkis, the later being the dog's ball bag for Infantry....

    Don't listen..
  9. Hubby has got various bits of kit being the magpie that he is. He owns about three or four assault vests - don't ask me why because I don't know but I assume it is equivalent to women buying shoes or handbags :D He has a Webtex one and has used it operationally and was really surprised as how robust it was so he either got a rare one (which is probably the best bet) or they have significantly improved the quality of their goods.
  10. I helped out on a cadet camp once and one of the cadets had webtex daysacks that fell apart after three days.
    Little kid was gutted that one of his christmas presents had fell apart.
    Theres loads of decent condition second hand P.L.C.E out there, i don't know why people bother with webtex.
  11. Webtex has really only one use, laughing at the poor sods who have forked out for it when it falls apart.
  12. When I was cadet I sent my parents off to buy to me a cheap grade 1 or 2 DPM inf. bergen, they came back with a brand new webtex one, because "It looked better than the old stuff". It was before they started stitching "Webtex" into everything. Only last me 2 years before ripping at the bottom, and you couldn't use the sidepouches as daysacks if you wanted to carry relatively heavy stuff.
  13. I have one friend from cadets (now at another otc) who swears by it. Havent seen anyone at exeter wearing it.[/quote] says it all really , some lads in my platoon bought a load of webtex on build up training before we went to the sand pit fell apart in two days they were all gutted we thought it was well funny :lol:
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer