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Web-Tex Warrior Compact Stove

I know that as soon as they see the name Web-Tex most people will not bother reading this review, I would normally be the same however please bear with me; they have come up with a little gem here.

I bought one of these a couple of years ago while going through basic training as I did not have the readies for a Jetboil (which is what I really wanted). My plan was to make it last until I got to my unit and then replace it.

web-tex stove.jpg

Well it’s still going strong and I wouldn’t want to swap now.

For its size, weight and price I think you would be hard pushed to find something to compete with it. I have used it on exercise and on family camping trips when I did not want to use our main burner just to do a cuppa; it has been out on the hills with me and on the beach on fishing trips and has never failed me.

On a week long ex I used a Coleman 250 gas canister and still had some left after cooking for me and my oppo. When stored in its little plastic container it measures 11 x 5 x 5cm and fits nicely into a mess tin in your webbing and ways a waif like 90 grams. I like the fact that with the burner in a mess tin and the gas canister under a water bottle it leaves me a pouch for Haribo and other assorted goodies rather than taken up with cooking equipment.

It may not be the fastest burner in the world, but I could have 2 foilies ready to eat in less than 10 minutes, when using my large mess tin as a lid. A brew for 2 takes approximately the same time.

It does have a few problems, albeit only niggling little things. The handle on the gas control valve feels very flimsy, its still there but it always feels like you are going to break it. The arms that the pan sits on are not very wide, but I guess that’s a drawback you will always get when it packs so small. The main problem lies in stability, being so narrow you have to be very careful where you stand it, now this is no huge thing; it just means a little forethought before you start cooking.
Now that I have the readies I have been looking round for something to replace it, not because there is anything wrong with it, but just because I suffer from shiny kit syndrome, Now I can spend a bit more money and get practically the same thing but with different names, i.e. MSR PocketRocket.Or, I could spend ridiculous money for something a lot quicker but also a lot bigger and heavier, i.e. JetBoil.

My other problem is that I have fat fingers and tend to break things. At least with the Warrior stove I only paid £18 for it (It is now advertised at £16.99 on the Web-Tex website, WEB-TEX WARRIOR COMPACT STOVE - Accessories - Web-Tex, if I do happen to break it, at least it will not break the bank.

In fact I think I will keep it for a bit longer, At least until my fat fingers strike again and I end up pulling one of the arms off or screwing the gas control valve off the side as happened to me years ago on a rival stove.

So although I may not be advocating Web-Tex as a top notch manufacturer of kit, I have absolutely no problem with recommending The Warrior compact stove if you want something that will work more than adequately and that you will not be worried about breaking.
That's basically an MSR Pocket Rocket isn't it? Great bits of kit.
I have an MSR pocket rocket that was a freebie, and its identical except for the shape of the pan supports and it comes in a triangular red case. No doubt both are made in the same Chinese communist sweat shop by slave labourers, but one gets a nicer packaging than the other. I've had my MSR for years and its bombproof really. I've certainly never unscrewed the gas valve, but I have bent the tri-vane thingy on the burner, but heat it up and bent it back with a multitool. If I had to replace it I'd buy the Warrior and save a tenner or so.

Top tip: Run it on MSR gas. It got a higher octane rating (or something) because it's European. Definitely more efficient than That Coleman fart gas.

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