Webtex Ultimax Bergen

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by raspberry, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. Just got my hands on it for the extra 15l capacity, this piece of kit is actually not to bad, it has a built in waterproof bergen cover built into the case and its actually quite comfy to use for tabs so I don't know why webtex always get a slating, anyone else got anything good to say about the kit as I was tempted to to grab a patrol sack.
  2. It's pants, buy Webtex buy twice, I've seen pouches fall off belts after a brief pairs F&M, seen the daysack fall apart after a weeks use as a book carrier(schoolbag)during Highland Initiative in 05, their 'Nyrex' are too small for A4/5, wash kit is ok though so long as you replace everything in it.....
  3. Smash it about in the field for a week or 2 and tell me how good it is.
  4. ditto. Let us know how it goes.
  5. I have seen this Bergen brand new out the packet, filled with kit and in the time it took to lift it to the shoulders both sholder buckles had broken . 8)

    "Webtex By twice " :evil:
  6. Only queers buy webtex.

    Oh, and cadets too.
  7. Hmm. When I bought my green bag large carrying lots of stuff for the use of (Web-Tex), I had left the TA and had had no prior knowledge of the controversy around the brand. All I knew was it was better than the engineer's handbag masquerading as a bergen that I got fucked around with on exercise, as one could carry ones kit inside it instead of it falling out because the zip wouldn't fasten.

  8. Thanks for that, on my watch list.


  9. You work for Webtex and I claim my particularly rubbish non IR, poor quality sub standard piece of shite
  10. you wanna save that seller they have loads of surplus stuff cheap and always good service!
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer


    Admin kit such as briefing folders are great.

    All PLCE/Load Carrying kit was, the last time I saw it, utter shyte.
  12. Even on ACF exercise I've told any cadets unfortunate enough to be under me not to use it and get a set of PLCE out of stores (why the clever sods buy their own is beyond me) ever since I made that mistake back in the says we didn't have any in stores and on the first FTX the shoulder strap disintegrated on my webbing.

    God that was Fun Times.
  13. I always tell cadets not to buy it.

    But that's mainly because when the kids go home with their precious new £100 assault vest with 3 pouches having fallen off and mesh on the back ripped in half, mummy comes in and throws a wobbly.

    I've never quite understood why they buy it anyway. 2nd hand PLCE is both cheaper and better! It must just be their obsession with shiny things!

    As others have said, Webtex is alright for the stuff which you can't get issued - admin folders etc; but for anything which makes regular contact with the deck is worthless.

    Thus, with all the padding I could see why the OP enjoyed the ultimax on a tab. Whether he enjoys it when a shoulder strap frays and he spends the next 4 miles with it over 1 shoulder is another question.

    It wouldn't have cost you too much more to buy a Karrimor SF bag and those are as comfy but rock solid, and aren't branded with a name that gets you no sympathy when it falls apart. At least if you buy a decent brand and it breaks, somebody might feel sorry for you.