webtex pro xt II boots

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by exsysop, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. has anyone got any experience of these boots? are they any good for normal cadet AI use?
    I cant justify spending £120 or so on a pair of Lowa's (as much as i'd like to) so have been looking at alternatives. My feet are not getting on with assault boots very well when on exercises so I need something that is durable and comfortable enough for your average everyday CFAV.
    All comments appreciated unless they are slagging me off :D
  2. We can get these in but have not, as i haven't been able to find anyone who has used them. The other boots we have had from the same manufacturer (under the Tracpac brand) have not been of the best quality so i would be dubious of recommending them to anyone.

    As a serving AI I find that Magnum Elite II Leather are fairly good for most of the type of things we do and i have had mine a year without any visible sign of failure (having done a couple of exercises with the TA as well as the normal company battle camp, training weekends and twice weekly parade nights) . I also have a pair of Pro-boots which are slightly more durable but much stiffer so i have not worn them much since i got the magnums.

    You don't mention why your feet don't get on with the issue boots or what you have tried so far, so it might be worth spending some time experimenting with different sock combinations or foot beds to see if that solves the problem (which is likely to be much cheaper). You have also said that you don't want to pay £120 for Lowas but do not specify the budget so the Magnums at £99ish could also be too expensive.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you want any more information / have more specific questions.

    Army Kit Ltd
    Quality equipment at sensible prices
  3. Wasnt aware that Tracpac also made these. I have a pair of Magnum classic which i bought as a last minute purchase last year when my own boots fell to bits. As an ex reg I am well used to breaking in boots and ensuring the right socks etc. but I dont seem to be able to break in my assault boots and get blisters off them whenever I used them for exercise etc.
    The magnums I find are too soft soled for training areas and dont give me enought ankle support ( i have a dodgy ankle after injuries i got while serving).
    So im just after anyone who has first hand exerience of these boots (or even the 'unbranded Lowa' that are on ebay from time to time.
    thanks for the advise Biz. good site you have there so ill have good look round it when i get home :)
  4. You've asked this question in the QM forum boot thread once already. I have seen someone suffer an ankle fracture in XT boots due to the lack of support; on the plus side they didn't take long to cut off in hospital, the sole tore off far too easily.

    Plus you will look like a tool with no taste in footwear. If CABs are a no-go why not get a pair of BCH from any surplus store for that blast-from-the-past look.
  5. Yeh i did ask that part way through another discussion on boots but the answers seemed to imply they were being used for heavy duty work regular work rather than the easier cadet stuff.
  6. I've got a pair of these although they weren't marketed as Webtex Pro XT boots when I purchased them just over a year ago.

    I can honestly say that they are the best boots I've had. Dead easy to break in and they have seen a fair bit of use since. I completed the Arnhem Marches in them last year and obviously completed a few 6 mile marches as training prior to going. I've also used them out in the field on exercise and for normal parade night wear and they haven't let me down once. In fact they still look as good as new!

  7. Personally, i prefer Lowas. They might cost a bit but they are outstanding in my opinion.
  8. Webtex boots? If it's like anything else they produce it will be fecking useless tat that will fall to bits in a couple of months.

    I too don't get on with issue assualt boots and don't wear them. No matter how long I wore them and how well broken in they were I would always get blisters from them. It's worth spending the money on the Lowas, trust me.
  9. A friend has them and they are shhhiiiiiitttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. I dont like them much as parade boots, I wear issue ones for that.

    But they're really great boots for the field. I've been using them in the TA for 3 years and they've always been comfortable, in both UK and foriegn climates. They're strong and reliable and most definately waterproof!

    Unfortunately the sole is finally starting to suffer. Must admit I'm going over to Altberg very soon, but for cadets Magnums are more than sufficient.

    I wouldn't buy the Webtex's buddy. You only get issued one pair of feet and you can take them back and exchange them when they're screwed. Buy half a size up (to make them last, that size difference shouldn't affect them when walking) and get something decent, I've had my magnums since I was a cadet and boots are a long time investment, not just something for cadets. You'd be surprised how much you use them.

    Can't offer much more than that, but the hundred quid on Magnums will take you far...
  11. I haven't used the boots you mention but have years of experience of breaking issue boots in (always been too poor/ tight to buy decent ones!)On that basis, I can recommend the following product for breaking in boots which I have just been advised to use by a local shop and it is BRILLIANT!: Effax Leather Balsam (google it). It's used on saddles and riding boots etc to soften and waterproof the leather. Its about a fiver to buy and will last forever.

    Last week I was issued a new pair of boots; rubbed this stuff into them and left them for a day. wore them all day yesterday for the first time and no blisters or discomfort at all!!!! Compared to identical boots I had been issued a few weeks previously where I used the old 'hot water and wear' routine and still get the odd blister etc from them, this stuff is magical (No i don't have shares in the company and, no, I am not a rep', just a very happy squaddy who wishes he's discovered this stuff years ago!) :D
  12. thanks for the advice guys. still looking and now leaning towards Lowa as Ive just found out what my bonus is this year :D
  13. Always suspicious of a web-site that does not give a postal address or phone number!
    Back bedroom entrepanuer??