Webtex pro-xt boots

Still continuing my search for a decent, comfy pair of boots, and came across these (not literally.....)....

Has anyone bought a pair, are they any good, and would you say they were value for money, or a complete waste of time, like most webtex products appear to be.....

I'm looking to replace my Lowa's, and these LOOK very similar. Is the build quality comparable to Lowas at all?

Steer Well clear mate. I got a pair only because i got them for free and i didnt even make it to scoff the morning i put them on without them giving me jib. They fell appart after a month or so and the insoles was made of a concrete like substance!!


Stay well away



Kit Reviewer
Not tried them, never going to.
W*bt*x' reputation for kit precedes these daisies.

Further proof ?
See MM's post above.


Don't touch them. I bought a pair when I came back from Brunei on route to a new unit in "pure baltic" Germany. Didn't last long and felt like you were wearing ski boots. I would pay that bit extra and get a set of lowa's. However if your looking for a winter boot, we got the new issue winter boot in Afghan and they are alright.
Ok...Thanks...Think I'll give them the widest berth possible, and go with Lowa's again....



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