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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jennie, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. What are your experiences of webtex plc type kit.

    It is, in some cases ~50% cheaper than the PLCE/issued equivalent.

    but how rugged, durable is it? Or is it liekly to collapse on your first tour? In aprticualr I am looking at it side pouches and Patrol style ruksack with zip on pockets, and their Medic Pouch.

    Whislt on Op Telic, my driver had purchased a Webtex assualt vest. It did not seem to with stand the daily use like my PLCE vest especially as sticthing was concerned.

    Any comments apprecited.

  2. It doesn't seem to be as robust as issue kit. The lads in my platoon who had webtex vests on Telic seemed to have problems with stitching going and buckles breaking. It's also not IRR so you'll glow if anyone puts an IR lamp on you.
  3. My Webtex burgen didnt even make it out of Brize without one of the buckles going, then another went as soon as I got into location. Bag of arrse the lot of it. Last thing I buy made by them.
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    How can you even think of buying Web-tex stuff? It's crap. Poor materials and workmanship. The non- IRR is the important bit.

    Either beg, borrow or *cough* prof the issue stuff, or shop around mil surplus stores and ebay to find the pukka kit. Although if it's not issued to you, why do you need it? Surley the Army would issue it if you needed it? LOL.

    If you have access to a unit with the gear, "someone" told me that you could buy trashed kit from surplus stores and exchange it for new stuff.............. :wink:
  5. That'll be Silvermans out of business then :D
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  7. Medics side pouches, zip tends to go,if it's even vaguely full. However i'm on 2nd one and getting on fine with it. E-Bay do them from some place in S.Wales 27.99 plus p+p
  8. Try milisupply.co.uk

    good value for money
  9. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    If you don't want to have to sell body organs to pay for silvermans kit, www.campshop.co.uk is pretty good. They have the Arktis daysack with zip side pouches and internal frame for less than the Webtex equivelant.
  10. Right here goes, I know a little about the subject - I run a mail order and online sales outlet. We sell Arktis, Webtex, Highlander, CombatKit, Wyvern, BCB, and Survival Equipment from WoodlandOrganics.

    Webtex - Improving, some of the items now have been IRR Treated, (Combat Assault Vest and Ultimax Bergan) the problem with the kit is now the clips (SR25), they break very easily, but can be replaced. - Equipment is produced in China

    Arktis - Used to be very good, but they now make most of the equipment in China / Hong Kong - Same factory as Webtex! So a lot of the stuff looks the same, IRR treated equipment, and good clips - But you do pay more for the ARKTIS name.

    Highlander - Made in China, IRR Treated Battlevest and Chest Rig, but in lower spec material they the others use (600 Denier Cordura rather then 1000)

    CombatKit - Made in Poland, Design by ex Dutch Army, All their euipment is IRR and very well made, but you do have to pay a lot for it and most of its made to order and can take 6 weeks for delivery Have a look at their site www.combatkit.net

    Wyvern - Made in the UK, IRR Treated, make the new issue Smocks in Ripstop and some good battlevests.

    BCB - Have equipment for sale from lots of different sorces - But branded to them, made all over the world.

    If you want a good Battlevest and you won't it to last get it from CombatKit, If you are local to Devon then purchase from Arktis, but check the quality first.

    Webtex / BCB / Highlander - OK Kit and getting better, but not completly their yet

  11. Hi
    I have no direct knowledge to the quality of Webtex gear, although I do know a lot of cadets use it, this is not because it is the best, just that it is available.
    And while it is very easy to knock the ACF, they are not little soldiers, they are teenagers enjoying themselves within an army framework.
    As an ex gunner, and now an instructor, I feel it is important to not forget, that we get issued, bugger all kit, and the prospect of running around in 58 pattern webbing ( I kid you not! ) last used by myself over 20 years ago, is hardly appealing, hence most people go out and buy there own bits and pieces.
    Now some may say this is waltish, and there are definitely cases of this, but if I am going to give up my free time to somehow get these youngsters on the right side of the tracks, I think having something that makes your life a little more comfortable is no bad thing.
    I doubt there is anyone out there that has not at some time or other bought something to improve there lot in the field. even if this was a disposable lighter or bungees.
    Having said all that if anybody or unit ever disposes of half decent kit, please think that somewhere an ACF unit could benefit.
    Better than flogging it on ebay to some seriously strange people, living out some wierd latent fantasy.
  12. webtex is SH1TE. Someone in my unit bought one of the extra large bergens from webtex which he promptly decided to fill to capacity in his naivety. buckle lasted about 2 miles on the insertion tab for a week long exercise. he had to struggle through.

    also didnt have enough sense that you want to carry as little as possible not the maximum possible!

    taught everyone else a valuable lesson - at least if you buy issue kit that stores wont issue...and it breaks, you can exchange it. if you buy civvy makes and it breaks you are going to have to sign for new stuff and pay!!! do you want to risk shelling out for stuff that breaks if youre on deployment, and then be forced to get new issue stuff anyway?

    buy your own small items that make your life easier like cookers, camelbak or equiv, and of course boots if necessary!
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer