Webtex kit is now being IRR treated!!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brandywine, Aug 19, 2010.

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    According to this fella contactleft


    * Featuring: 4 ammo pouches, 2 small utility pouches
    * 2 large utility pouches
    * mag light pouch
    * multi-tool pouch
    * large internal map pocket
    * large internal pocket with holster, rear water bladder holder
    * 1.5ltr water bladder with neoprene pipe cover and bite valve
    * double mesh on shoulders
    * velcro adjustment with double straps
    * day pack fittings for side pouches,
    * including waist belt.

    Can anyone else smell the BS?

    Being an authorized reseller of Webtex and other Thatchreed products the official catalogue itself doesn't mention anything about it being IRR treated...
  2. Yeah but its still shite, and when you break it the QM wont give you a new one.
  3. Well yes I know that from when I bought an Ultimax bergen which was meant to the shizzle and I've got about 2 breakages on the zips already and haven't even thrown it around the place... absolute crap
  4. IRR treated? Bllx.

    The IRR properties are due to the dyes and the fabric used in the manufacture, not a treatment or coating.

    I know there is a spray on coating that can reduce IRR reflectivity, but thats for vehicles and A/C. I don't think you could coat a garment or material with it with any lasting success.

    Webtex is still shit. And expensive shit too.
  5. Balls. From my, albeit limited, experience from my time as a cadet (don't shoot me), it is not. Had a lesson on night sights and the DS used a Wanktex assault vest as an example of non IRR equipment. And yeah I wouldn't even recommend Webtex to cadets. I had a Webtex bergen and it was possibly the worst quality piece of equipment I have ever used, the zips don't work and the buckles seems to be made of the worlds worst plastic, on the plus side it is a real bargain, costly only twice as much as the real thing with less than half the quality!
  6. I actually got on the phone with Webtex on Friday to challenge the b/s and the guy actually did confirm for me, that some of their vests AND bergens are IRR treated cordura, but thats just about it, and I'll have to sorrowfully agree with frogit that the quality is absolute sh1te and to think I'm one of the mugs who sells it
  7. Its the old saying...you can't polish a turd
  8. Even the boot cleaning kit. Did a boot polishing lesson in early november last year, all the cadets got their parents to go down the army shop and buy a boot cleaning kit (a tin of polish and a brush from Timpsons just don't cut it for them if it ain't in a DPM bag, I'm sure you know this). I swear the webtex polish made the boots greyer than when they started.

    (This was overshadowed, mind, by the Tracpac (webtex under different name) 'Patrol Boots' caught fire by the cadet who'd seen his dad use a lighter on his boots. The fire-retardent properties of ammo boots are seemingly quite different to the fabric used on those half-leather half-breathable-material things)

    Either way, I'm sure you'll agree that the term 'Webtex is only good for cadets' is a retarded one. Because cadets can break anything if required, judging by the amount of webbing and bergens that get issued mid-camp because all the ammo pouches have fallen off everyone's cheap webtex assault vests, and everyone's bergen clips have split or fallen off.
  9. SNIFF SNIFF hmm sounds like RBD is talking shite again. Cadets don't carry enough kit to screw up their webbing and don't rough it up enough to tear it up, the most i've seen a cadet carry ammo wise is two full magazines and the extra one we 'loaned him'.

    although the most your cadets probably have to carry around is the knowlage you're going to come roger them in their bashas or on stag
  10. Sniff sniff sounds like another non-ACF person actually knows more about the ACF than the ACF people. Oh what a surprise!! Being in the TA and having applied for the regulars means that no ACF people could ever compete with your extensive knowledge could they?

    Additionally, I don't know if you'd noticed that tearing stuff is completely unrelated to weight. It usually occurs when an item catches on a sharp bit of an LR/4-ton and whilst the wearer carries on moving, the webbing doesn't. With stronger kit, the wearer doesn't carry on moving as it holds together, so they go back, unhook, and carry on.
  11. Thats where you're wrong assbag, spent five years in the ACF as many people here know, 3 years in the TA and now, aye going regular however I dont sit on a high horse about it and rub it in people's face claiming i am a fountain of knowlage.

    Fact is Webtex is suited to cadet use, as your not carrying enough to screw up the clips, you arent training vigourously enough to mess it up the only way a cadet can really break it is by doing so on purpose. and i say that as having spend 5 years wearing that clobber and even then i only wore one ammo pouch and a few utilities for water and gubbins. Newver ripped and still looks in good nick despite having been roughed up for some time.

    You talk our your arse and it shows from the regular abuse you get whenever you post, maybe you should take a note of that, fill your webbing with bricks and walk into a pond where you belong? unless your wearing webtex then it must of course break
  12. Congratulations. You're not any more though are you. So do one.

    So, a water bottle in a water bottle pouch, or 3 magazines in a magazine pouch, weighs less because you're only 13? That's an interesting theory.

    Like I said, usually occurs accidentally on inanimate sharp objects like old lockers, 4-tonners/LRs and derelict buildings scattered around the plain.

    Do you want a medal? Look they sell them: Cadet Forces Medal | 150th Anniversary Commemorative Medal you no doubt deserve one for your extreme commitment to the cause, managing not to break your webbing. I salute your efforts.
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  13. weighs less than 2 water bottles, 9 magazines and the usual gubbins though doesnt it. Now id love to stay on here and turn this into a personal slagging match but quite frankly you aren't worth the effort nor the time. Good day
  14. So now nobody can see it fall apart in the dark? Quality!
  15. IRR is on its way out anyway, I prefer stripping down naked and covering myself with cam cream, as for the pockets......well..... constipation isn't a problem for me any more.......